Cell death

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Parts that are involved in cell lysis and death are listed here.

Protein coding sequences

Note that several of the protein coding sequences listed here adhere to the Berkeley standard for physical composition.

BBa_K112000HolinT4 holin, complete CDS, berkeley standard  657In stock
BBa_K117000 Lysis gene (promotes lysis in colicin-producing bacteria strain)  144In stock
BBa_K112306 {lambda holin!} in BBb format  318In stock
BBa_K112806 [T4 endolysin]   514In stock
BBa_K748002 Truncated lysostaphin coding sequence. Lysostaphin has has a specific lytic action against S.aureus.  741In stock
BBa_K112002HolinT4 holin, without stop codon, berkeley standard  654It's complicated
BBa_K112004 a~T4 holin! in BBb  661It's complicated
BBa_K112006 T4 antiholin! in BBb  294It's complicated
BBa_K112009  in BBb  288It's complicated
BBa_K112010 a~T4 antiholin! in BBb  298It's complicated
BBa_K112012 T4 lysozyme! in BBb  495It's complicated
BBa_K112015  in BBb  489It's complicated
BBa_K112016 a~T4 lysozyme! in BBb  499It's complicated
BBa_K124014 Bacteriophage Holin Gene pS105  317It's complicated
BBa_K108001 SRRz  1242It's complicated
BBa_K112300 {lambda lysozyme!} in BBb format  477It's complicated
BBa_K112304 {a~lambda lysozyme!} in BBb format  481It's complicated
BBa_K112310 {a~lambda holin!}; adheres to Berkeley standard  322It's complicated
BBa_K112312 {lambda antiholin!}; adheres to Berkeley standard  324It's complicated
BBa_K112316 {a~lambda antiholin!}; adheres to Berkeley standard  328It's complicated
BBa_K124017 Bacteriophage Lysis Cassette S105, R, and Rz  1257It's complicated
BBa_K284001 Lysozyme from Gallus gallus  539It's complicated
BBa_K732003 bbp9 - Bordetella phage lysin  1527It's complicated
BBa_K1639006 PotB59-pomA  1733It's complicated
BBa_K1904000 Mutated endolysin specific for Acinetobacter baumannii.  558It's complicated
BBa_K2812004 Coding sequence for trunctated Lysostaphin fused to His-tagged HlyA  1458It's complicated
BBa_K2812006 Coding sequence for Pyocin S5 with HlyA and His6-tag  2217It's complicated
BBa_K2685005 φX174E  276It's complicated
BBa_K4321000 Cytotoxic Protein 2Ba (Cyt2Ba)  792 
BBa_K4133012 LysKB317 (Endolysin) for Lactobacillus casei  894 
BBa_K4706007BCL-2-associated athanogene 6AtBAG6 induced S. cerevisae cell deathnoneforward At2g46240405 
BBa_K2812001 Coding sequence for trunctated Lysostaphin   738Not in stock
BBa_K3317053 NucD  540Not in stock
BBa_K3378000 Chimeric lysin ClyR with activity against Streptococcus mutans.  765Not in stock
BBa_K3425036T7 lysozymeT7 lysozyme for Type IIS standard (RFC1000)forward  453Not in stock

Nguyen Xuan Hung and the [http://2008.igem.org/Team:NTU-Singapore 2008 NTU Singapore iGEM team] designed and constructed the lysis protein coding sequence BBa_K117000.
Katherine Jacobs and the [http://2008.igem.org/Team:Brown 2008 Brown University iGEM team] designed and constructed the lysis protein coding sequence BBa_K124014.
Bing Xia, Aron Lau and the [http://2008.igem.org/Team:UC_Berkeley 2008 UC Berkeley iGEM team] designed and constructed many of the holin and antiholin protein coding sequences listed here.

Composite parts

BBa_K4706015Composite SrpR repressable PHO5 phosphate dependent cell death3532 
BBa_K733012CompositexylR+PxylA+RBS+ydcE+Ptms+RBS+ydcD: Cell Growth Inhibition Device2146In stock
BBa_K864150CompositeCat-SacB cassette for scarless chromosomal knockout2214It's complicated
BBa_K1631025DeviceColicin-E3 cassette (Medium)2290It's complicated
BBa_K1631024DeviceColicin-E3 cassette (Strong)2290It's complicated
BBa_K4321007CompositeCyt1Aa Cassette2180 
BBa_K4321009CompositeCyt2Ba Cassette1659 
BBa_K112808DeviceEnterobacteria phage T4 Lysis Device - no promoter1785It's complicated
BBa_K4706013CompositeGal1 induced RFP A2 AtBAG62955 
BBa_K2110008Regulatoryinclusion body induced cell lysis system665It's complicated
BBa_K515106CompositeJ23103 promoer - RBS B0034-RFP E1010 - Holin K112805 - endolysin K1128061973Not in stock
BBa_K3848004CompositeLactate regulated kill switch2837 
BBa_K137131DeviceLactose inducible lysis cassette expression2923It's complicated
BBa_K112020DeviceLambda phage lysis device2730It's complicated
BBa_K112019DeviceLambda phage lysis device2730It's complicated
BBa_K112018DeviceLambda phage lysis device2730It's complicated
BBa_K112023DeviceLambda phage lysis device - no promoter1499It's complicated
BBa_K112022DeviceLambda phage lysis device - no promoter1499It's complicated
BBa_K112021DeviceLambda phage lysis device - no promoter1499It's complicated
BBa_K358019CompositeLysis cassette regulated by lacP1473It's complicated
BBa_K358023CompositeLysisbox -type1- ver.22699Not in stock
BBa_K1631018GeneratorPconst(Strong) -rbs- CheZ -d.term823It's complicated
BBa_K1631012GeneratorPlac -rbs- Barnase -rbs- GFP -d.term1330It's complicated
BBa_K1631023GeneratorPlac -rbs- Barstar -d.term485It's complicated
BBa_K1631022GeneratorPlux -rbs- Barnase -rbs- GFP -d.term1330It's complicated
BBa_K1054001Codingprotein E of Phage phiX174 under pBAD572It's complicated
BBa_K4706018PlasmidpSB1C30YIpHR-HO Gal1 induced RFP A2 AtBAG66025 
BBa_K4706019PlasmidpSB1C30YIpHR-HO SrpR-PHO5 phosphate dependent cell death6602 
BBa_K2150125CompositePtet + RBS + RiboJ + toxin 5980 CDS1221Not in stock
BBa_K748006CompositeS.aureus killing device. Truncated lysostaphin coding sequence with IPTG inducible promoter.959It's complicated
BBa_K772101CompositeSelf-Destruction Kit: Endolysin + Holin839Not in stock