RFC25 "Freiburg standard" parts

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RFC25 BioBrick parts

RFC25 compatible BioBrick backbones

For the cloning of RFC25 BioBricks into the Parts Registry compatible backbone the plasmid pSB1C3-RFP_Generator (BBa_K801100) can be used.

Fluorescent proteins

Fluorescent proteins (click for all RFC25 parts)
Protein Color BioBrick Excitation [nm] Emission [nm] Quantum Yield
Cerulean Cyan BBa_I757009 433 475 0.62
eCFP Cyan BBa_K1159302 439 476 0.40
GFP Green BBa_K648013 484 507 0.60
GFP Green BBa_K863120 484 507 0.60
GFP Green BBa_K823039 484 507 0.60
sfGFP Green BBa_K1321337 485 510 0.65
Dronpa (photoactivatable) GreenYellow BBa_K1680006 503 518 0.85
mVenus Yellow BBa_I757008 515 528 0.57
sYFP2 Yellow BBa_K1159301 514 527 0.61
mRFP Red BBa_K1351021 584 607 0.25
mRFP Red BBa_K1615089 584 607 0.25
mKate2 Red BBa_K823029 588 633 0.4
Values for the fluorescent proteins were taken from [http://www.microscopyu.com/articles/livecellimaging/fpintro.html| microscopyu.com].


Luciferases (click for all RFC25 parts)
Protein BioBrick Size [kDa]
Firefly luciferase BBa_K525999 61
Renilla luciferase not available yet 36
NanoLuc luciferase BBa_K1159001 19
Gaussia luciferase not available yet

Transmembrane domains

Optogenetic parts

Linker domains

Linker (click for all RFC25 parts)
Protein Sequence BioBrick Length [residues]
Short Linker (Gly-Gly-Ser-Gly) BBa_K243004 4
Middle Linker 2x (Gly-Gly-Ser-Gly) BBa_K243005 8
Long Linker 3x (Gly-Gly-Ser-Gly) BBa_K243006 12

Catalytic proteins

Catalytic proteins (click for all RFC25 parts)
Erythromycin Esterase Type II BBa_K1159000
Laccase BBa_K1159002
Laccase TVEL5 BBa_K1615067
TEV Protease BBa_K1159100
Thermonuclease BBa_K1159105
Heroin Esterase BBa_K1615045
CRE recombinase BBa_K1680007
Monoamine Oxidase A BBa_K1615022
Endo-β-Galactosidase BBa_K1483001
α-Galactosidase BBa_K1483002
Acetylgalactosamindase BBa_K1483000
2-oxoglutarate oxygenase/decarboxylase BBa_K1065000

Transcription regulators

Transcription regulators (click for all RFC25 parts)
VP16 BBa_K1150001

Split proteins

Split proteins (click for all RFC25 parts)
TEV Protease BBa_K1159101 BBa_K1159102
SpyCatcher/SpyTag BBa_K1159200 BBa_K1159201

Binding proteins

Binding proteins (click for all RFC25 parts)
Fluorescein binding Anticalin BBa_K1159003
Digoxigenin binding Anticalin BBa_K243003
HER2 binding DARPin BBa_K404302
HER2 binding Affibody BBa_K404302
Nickel Binding Protein BBa_K1321009
Cellulose binding Domain BBa_K863110

Protease cleavage sites

Protease cleavage sites (click for all RFC25 parts)
Name Sequence BioBrick
TEV cleavage site G-ENLYFQS-G BBa_K1159318

Affinity tags

Affinity tags (click for all RFC25 parts)
HA tag BBa_K1150016
His6-tag BBa_I757013
SpyTag BBa_K1159020
Strep-tag II as N-part BBa_K549018
Strep-tag II BBa_J18916
cMyc-tag BBa_K823036
3x FLAG tag BBa_K823034