Protein domains/Cleavage

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Cleavage sites are specific peptide sequences, or more often, peptide motifs at which site-specific proteases with cleave or cut the protein. Cleavage sites can be used, for example, to cleave off an affinity tag thereby restoring the natural protein sequence or to inactivate a protein.

NameDescriptionProteaseAA sequenceLength
BBa_I712015HIV-1 protease cleavage site  42
BBa_I712016myristoilation signal sequence fused to Tobacco Etch Virus (TEV) protease cleavage site  57
BBa_J18918TEV cleavage site (E. coli)  21
BBa_J18919preScission protease cleavage site (E. coli-optimized)  24
BBa_K128002TEV tobacco etch virus protease cleavage site  21
BBa_K1680012Cleavage site for HCV protease  36
BBa_K1680013NDegron  165
BBa_K1947002Intein  603
BBa_K2812001Coding sequence for trunctated Lysostaphin   738
BBa_K2812003Coding sequence for trunctated Lysostaphin regulated by T7-promoter  776
BBa_K2812004Coding sequence for trunctated Lysostaphin fused to His-tagged HlyA  1458
BBa_K2812005Coding sequence for trunctated Lysostaphin with HlyA and His6-tag regulated by T7-promoter  1496
BBa_K2812006Coding sequence for Pyocin S5 with HlyA and His6-tag  2217
BBa_K2812007Coding sequence for Pyocin S5 with HlyA and His6-tag regulated by pBAD-ara promoter  2288
BBa_K4190006Enterokinase Cut Site  15
BBa_K48030133xPPVCS (PPV protease cleavage site)  81
BBa_K648008TEV protease cleaveage site with Standard 25 Prefix/Suffix  21
BBa_K648009RecA Cleavage Site with Standard 25 Prefix/Suffix  21
BBa_K772001EpCAM Binding Dock: C-terminus  1159
BBa_K772002EpCAM Binding Dock: N terminus  1138
BBa_K772006GFP - LacZ anchor-inducer protein complex  1207
BBa_K772007GFP - LasR anchor-inducer protein complex  1720
BBa_K772008GFP - LacZ protein complex with flag tags  1232
BBa_K772009GFP - LasR protein complex with flag tags  1745
BBa_K772100EpCAM Detection Device  2305
BBa_K772103GFP - LacZ protein complex generator  1269


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