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You've received a sample of a part,

Now you're ready to use it!

Moving/Using your part sample

If you've received a part from the Registry, it is almost always in our shipping plasmid, pSB1C3.

If you've constructed/synthesized a sample of a new part then it is likely in a different plasmid backbone.

In either case, while you may be able to use the part in its original backbone, you may want to move that part sample into something that will be preferred for characterization and end use. As an example, your device might require a low-copy plasmid, or you will be characterizing your part in B. subtilis and require a shuttle vector.

Characterizing Parts

Characterizing parts and providing information is integral to the synthetic biology community. You will be characterizing parts you construct, but it is also encouraged that you characterize parts that you received from the Registry as a contribution (see below). This information will be useful for your own system as well as future projects for other Registry users.

Depending on the function of your part you will want to use a system of characterization that will offer reliably accurate, preferably quantitative, data.

Documenting Parts

Once you've characterized a part, you can document that information on the part's Main Page. Providing data to the community for new and old parts helps to improve the quality off that part. Future users will better understand the part and as a result create a better system.

Contributing to existing parts

A contribution is a significant improvement of a part that must be documented on the Registry, and added to the original part's main page. In addition to the main page, you may also (but are not required to) add your contribution to a part's Experience page. See the [[Help:Contributions|contributions page] for information on how to document this information on a part that your group has used.

If you'd like to give a simple review of a prat or state simply if it worked or didn't work as expected, please document that only on the Experience page.

See BBa_I0500 as an example.

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