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Search Overview

Use a variety of search tools to find interesting and useful parts.

Catalog Overview

Browse through the Registry by part type, curated collections, most used parts, and more!

Browse Distribution

See all the part samples that are in your Distribution Kit, along with their quality control results.

Search Tools

  • Know the part name (ex: BBa_E0040)? Type it into the search field on the Registry menu above, and go directly to the part's main page.
  • Hover over the gray triangle next to the search field for the full search drop down menu, which has multiple search options.

Google Site Search

You can use a google site search for the Registry ( and iGEM (

Get help in assembling this part

Used for composite parts: (previously called subpart search)

  • The search will first breakdown the composite part into basic parts.
  • Basic/composite parts matching portions of the composite part will be returned, along with a key showing the status/availability of the parts.
  • This search will also show twins for your part.
  • You can enter multiple parts, but they need to be in the correct order.


  • if you're putting together a new composite part.
    • You've added the part to the Registry and are going to assemble it in the lab.
    • Instead of assembling the entire part from basic parts, you can see if the Registry has intermediates. This will save you time in the lab.
    • You could assemble BBa_J04450 from its five basic parts, or you could assemble BBa_R0010 (basic part) with BBa_I13507 (composite part).

Find parts that use this part

Find all the composite parts (and twins) that use your part (previously called superpart search)

  • Parts with available samples will appear at the top of the search results.
  • You can enter multiple parts, but they need to be in the correct order.


  • if you've found that a sample of your part is not available or has poor quality control.
    • you can find an available confirmed composite part containing your part, and PCR it out
  • if you want to find composite parts that contain your basic (or composite) part

Find parts in the same range as this part

Search for parts with names following this part. Enter a part name such as BBa_K123456 and the software will find up to 1000 parts with a name like BBa_K123xxx where the part name is equal to or beyond BBa_K123456. (previously called 1000 part range search)

  • This search can be used for identifying all parts that an iGEM team or lab have added. Each iGEM team or lab group is given a range of part names (Ex. BBa_K123000 - BBa_K123999) to use when they've registered.
    • Use if you've found an interesting part, (Ex. BBa_K123008) and want to see other parts that the team or lab created within that specific part range
    • By entering BBa_K123000, the search will return results for all parts between BBa_K123000 - BBa_K123999.
  • This search also shows what parts have available samples

Find parts that contain this text

Search for a word or phrase. This text search will look through the short description (S:), description (D:), notes (N:), and author (A:) of parts to return your results.

The text search is particularly useful if you...

  • do not know of a specific part name
  • know a descriptor of the part (e.g., red fluorescent protein)
  • know who may have made it
  • know what it may have been used for

A few things to remember...

  • You may want to try a few variants of the description of the part, e.g., RFP; red fluorescent protein, etc.
  • This search is nonspecific: you may be returned results including basic parts, intermediate parts, devices, etc. You may find that some results only have references to your part, instead of including the part itself.
    • Example: BBa_I722012 - D: this part could accept AHLs and also could produce mRFP easily to detect as opposed to BBa_I722015 - D: produce both mRFP and rhiR protein
  • Not setup to show part availability
  • You can also do a text search using a part name (BBa_E1010 or E1010 for mRFP)

I'm looking for a part or device but I don't know the part name

You can browse the Catalog of Parts & Devices or do a Text Search. The Catalog organizes the available parts of the Registry by various criteria and a Text Search will let you search using a descriptor.

I know my part's name and want to go to its main page

If you know the part name (e.g., BBa_J04450), simply type the name (BBa_J04450, or J04450) into the search box at the top right corner of the Registry and hit enter (or click Go). This immediately takes you to the Main Page for the part.

I want to find composite parts that contain my basic (or composite) part

You'll want to do a Superpart Search which will list all the composite parts containing your part of interest. The parts that are available from the Registry will appear at the top of the search results. You can enter multiple parts, but they need to be in the correct order.

I'm putting together a composite part and would like to find any intermediaries

You may find yourself putting together a composite part made of several basic parts. Before you begin assembling your part in the lab you'll want to use the Subpart Search which will show you whether there are any parts in the Registry that match a portion of your composite part.

I've found a part that I'd like to use but it's unavailable

  • Twins
  • Related Parts
  • Part search tools