The Registry is run by the iGEM Foundation, so registration for individual and group accounts is done through In order to use the resources and become a contributer on the Registry you will need a user account and belong to an iGEM group (lab, course, iGEM team). We've provided

Apply for a User Account

Applying for an iGEM account, will give you access to all iGEM websites including the Registry.

iGEM Labs

If you would like to join the iGEM community but are not part of a current year iGEM team, you can join as an iGEM lab.

As part of a $500 annual subscription, your lab group will receive:

  • Lab group account on, and accounts for all lab members
  • Annual DNA distribution containing 1000+ BioBricks
  • Part samples on request (see additional details for limits)
  • Free shipping via UPS
  • Registry-related technical support
  • Lab website hosting (wiki platform)
  • Discounts on other iGEM events, such as the Jamborees
  • Community Opportunities such as workshops, networking, and more

For more information including details and how to register, please see our iGEM Labs Program.