Designed by: Jara Radeck   Group: iGEM12_LMU-Munich   (2012-09-11)


double terminator (B0012-B0011)

  • This is a copy of the Part:B0014. Only here the part is cloned in the standard vector pSB1C3 instead of the pSB1AK3.

Secondary Structure

The mfold results are annotated with the location of the subparts BBa_B0012 and BBa_B0011.




Functional Parameters: Austin_UTexas

BBa_K823017 parameters

Burden Imposed by this Part:

Burden Value: -0.8 ± 7.0%

Burden is the percent reduction in the growth rate of E. coli cells transformed with a plasmid containing this BioBrick (± values are 95% confidence limits). This BioBrick did not exhibit a burden that was significantly greater than zero (i.e., it appears to have little to no impact on growth). Therefore, users can depend on this part to remain stable for many bacterial cell divisions and in large culture volumes. Refer to any one of the BBa_K3174002 - BBa_K3174007 pages for more information on the methods, an explanation of the sources of burden, and other conclusions from a large-scale measurement project conducted by the 2019 Austin_UTexas team.

This functional parameter was added by the 2020 Austin_UTexas team.