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There are several different types of parts in the Registry associated with proteins.

  • Translational units begin with the RBS, the site of ribosome binding and translational initiation, and end with a stop codon, the site of translational termination.
  • Protein coding sequences are DNA sequences that encode mRNAs that can be translated into a polypeptide chain which then folds into a 3 dimensional structure called a protein. Protein coding sequences begin with a start codon and end with stop codon.
  • Protein domains encode portions of proteins and can be assembled together to form protein coding sequences. There are three types of protein domains, including Head domains, Internal domains and Tail domains.
  • Translational start is a DNA sequence that encodes an ribosome binding site and Head domain.

For answers to common questions on these part types, see the FAQ.

Protein domains

Protein coding sequences

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Translational units


  • [ Entrez Protein] is a compilation of protein amino acid sequences
  • [ UniProt] has both protein sequence and functional information
  • [ Protein Data Bank (PDB)] has three dimensional structural information on proteins.