This collection is under curation by iGEM HQ. New parts and information are currently being added to this page.

In collaboration with iGEM, [ Gen9] has synthesized over 300 new parts for the Registry! This new addition of state-of-the-art synthesized parts to the Registry includes a wide array of well-documented and highly used parts that we hope will be useful for the iGEM community. The parts have been incorporated into the Registry’s Repository and are now available for in the DNA Distribution or by request!

Please note: We're currently working on curation and sequence analysis of these parts, so please stay tuned! You may find that these parts have a sample status of "Sample it's Complicated" as we have not yet finished sequence analysis for them

If you would like to take a look at what has been added to the iGEM Repository, please see the table below, or go to the transition plates for 2015.

Transition Plate Content View # of Parts
TP 8101 92
TP 8102 93
TP 8103 94
TP 8104 47