Designed by: avi matityahu   Group: iGEM16_Tel-Hai   (2016-08-23)

PartI – BBa_k2061000 tGFP ORF under EF1a promoter - This part contains the GFP gene under the human Elongation Factor-1 alpha promoter, which is a constitutive promoter. This part enables the expression of fluorescent protein in mammalian cells. The part was cloned in pSB1C3 between EcoRI and XbaI sites. The reason we did not use the PstI site for cloning is because there are 2 PstI sites within the EF1a promoter sequence and 2 PstI sites inside the tGFP ORF. The idea is to expose lung epithelial cells to the cross-linked complex (the cholera toxin B subunit and this plasmid) and to look for GFP expression in the cells. This will indicate the insertion of the complex and expression from the plasmid.