Designed by: Traci Haddock-Angelli   Group: Plants   (2016-05-25)

Cardiff_Wales Team 2017:

We clearly demonstrate that leaf samples infiltrated with the 35S-OTMV:LUC+:Nos construct show strong luciferase activity.
Therefore this construct is an excellent tool to act as a control for successful tobacco leaf infiltrations.

Previous studies have shown that expression levels of infiltrated proteins can be very variable (Bashandy et al 2015). We also observe this as two leaves with the same treatments showed significant differences in expression (see below Z1 compared to Z2).


Our data show that expression levels do not coincide with the amounts of luciferin or agrobacterium we used in these experiments. Therefore in subsequent experiments we would use 0.5mM luciferin and an agrobacterium concentration of OD600 0.5.

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