Designed by: CHEN YAN-ZHEN   Group: iGEM21_NYCU-Taipei   (2021-10-01)

pJ102 is one of our tandem promoter design

K206000 + J23102

These tandem promoters are composed of the pBad(BBa_K206000) and a constitutive promoter with the RFP gene on the downstream. We digested the vector fragment BBa_K206000 with PstI and SpeI and the insert fragment constitutive promoter with RFP by XbaI and PstI. We ligated these fragments together to form pJ102, pJ118, pJ110, pJ116, and pJ113.

Agarose electrophoresis in order to verify the tandem promoters. Lane 1, 100bp ladder. Lane 2, pJ116 with BamHI and PstI. Lane 3, pJ118 with BamHI and PstI. Lane 4, pJ113 with BamHI and PstI. Lane 5, pJ110 with BamHI and PstI. Lane 6, pJ102 with BamHI and PstI.