Designed by: Yam Shing Fung   Group: iGEM18_Hong_Kong_JSS   (2018-09-14)

Protein coding sequence for Homo sapiens metallothionein 2 (MT2A)

This is the basic part of the Homo sapiens metallothionein 2 synthesising gene (MT2A). The genomic sequence of the MT2A gene is referenced from NCBI (NCBI Gene ID 4502)[1].

Metallothioneins are small cysteine-rich proteins made of 61-68 amino acids which can be found in a broad range of organisms, including both eukaryotes and prokaryotes. The metallothioneins are expressed as intracellular protein. [2]

Metallothioneins are mainly responsible for metalloregulation in cells of living organisms. The rich cysteine domains in metallothioneins allow the non-covalent binding of trace metals such as cadmium(Cd2+), lead(Pb2+), copper(Cu1+), (Cu2+) and mercury(Hg2+), etc. [3,4]

MT2A has similar ability with MT2A gene. They are also involved in zinc homeostasis. But MT2A gene is found in liver, where MT1A was found in human kidney. The zinc binding ability of both gene are similar.[5]

We did not order the MT2A gene because we do not have enough time and we are out of budget of the 20kb range. Nonetheless, there may be a risk of cross species expression.