Designed by: Seak Chi U, Chan Wai Lun, CHIU, Yee Ting   Group: iGEM14_Hong_Kong-CUHK   (2014-10-06)

Applications of BBa_K1314001

Expressing nifH promoter(Bba_K1314000) with BBa_E1010 in E. coli DH5a

Bba_K1314001 is comprised of nifH promoter and Bba_E1010. It is designed for testing nifH promoter. The right tube shows the expression of RFP using ptep promoter in Dh5a and the left tube show the expression of BbaK1314001 in DH5a. The result show that nifH promoter is not working in DH5a. NifH E1010.jpg

Characterization of Bba_K1314001, Bba_K1314013, Bba_K1314014 in Azotobacter vinelandii strain DJ


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The biobrick function as a reporter in Azotobacter vinelandii. UNIQ51842d6808436e79-partinfo-00000000-QINU UNIQ51842d6808436e79-partinfo-00000001-QINU