Designed by: Luning Yang   Group: iGEM14_Tsinghua-A   (2014-10-09)

This part contains

Promoter(J23102)-TALE binding site(repeats three times)-RBS-LacI coding sequence-Terminator(B0015)-LacI Regulative Promoter(R0010)-RBS(B0034)-mRFP1(E1010)-Terminator(B0015)

This parts can convert the binding ability of TALE protein to its target DNA sequence to a easier available parameter, the florescent intensity of RFP. When the TALE protein is expressed, the TALE make binds to its target, which may interrupt the transcription of LacI. The lack of repressors may lead to the expression of RFP. So the stronger florescent intensity means the better binding ability of TALE protein.

In this part, the target of TALE recognition site is chosen to be the 18bp sequence(ACCTCATCAGGAACATGTT).

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