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Each termination efficiency value indicated in the terminator part tables is followed by a two or three letter initials in brackets of the individual who made that measurement. The terminator efficiency characterization work done to date is summarized here so that you can reuse and improve upon previous efforts to characterize terminator function. Jason, Cassie and Caitlin all took similar approaches to measuring termination efficiency. They used a bicistronic, dual fluorescent protein to measure termination efficiency. By comparing the fluorescence ratio of the two reporters in the absence and presence of a terminator in between, you can assess the termination efficiency. In the absence of a terminator, the fluorescence ratio is normalized to 1. A perfect terminator with 100% termination efficiency should result in no fluorescence from the second reporter.

Click the links below to learn more about Jason's, Cassie's, Caitlin's or Chris' approach to characterizing termination efficiencies.



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