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This part codes for a fusion protein consisting of the B. subtilis native CotG anchor protein and a B. pumilus chitinase enzyme. The CotG protein has a midspore localization and high abundance in B. subtilis spores, enabling spore display. In this case with the chitinase fusion, spores will display chitinases on the surface capable of breaking down chitin into its monomer components, such as N-acetylglucosamine. In the context of our project, the chitinase activity enables us to equip spores with the ability to breakdown the chitin-rich outer coat of fungal pathogens, not only inhibiting their activity but generating chitin monomers that can function as a biomarker, as well as an inducer of plant systemic immune response. This fusion includes a flexible linker, to reduce steric hindrance between the two protein domains and enable greater chitinase activity. The same was selected for testing following dry lab modelling.

Usage and Biology

It was shown by previous literature that the CotG coat protein of B.Subtilis can be used to display other proteins, which provide additional functions. Chitinase is an enzyme, which can break down chitin into N-acetyl-glucosamine (NAG): being able to break down chitin polymers into individual monomers and being able to sense them to indicate the presence of a fungal pathogen is a crucial preliminary aspect of our fungicidal response.

Figure 1. The schematic design of CotG-3Gx3-Chis


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Sequence and Features

Assembly Compatibility:
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