Designed by: Johan Nordholm, Andreas Constantinou, Nina Schiller   Group: iGEM10_Stockholm   (2010-10-25)

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Applications of BBa_K380002

During the project design our team found some useful information considering LMWP in the literature: it can be used to facilitate transfer of huge proteins (e.g. β-galactosidase) from nose to the brain. Transport probably occurs due to intracellular pathways, but the exact mechanism remains unclear (source: Lin, T., Liu, E., He, H., Shin, M. C., Moon, C., Yang, V. C., & Huang, Y. (2016). Nose-to-brain delivery of macromolecules mediated by cell-penetrating peptides. Acta Pharmaceutica Sinica B, 6(4), 352–358.

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