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Designed by: Julia Manalil   Group: iGEM14_Waterloo   (2014-10-07)

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YFP cassette (pSB3K3 backbone, sarA protomer BBa_K1323021,TIR RBS BBa_K1323016, YFP cds BBa_K1323010)

sRNA 2 (BBa_K1323006)

sRNA 3

Control sRNA (BBa_K1323008)

sRNAi Silencing assay

The YFP cassette and sRNA constructs were co-transformed into DH5α. The control for YFP expression included a sample with only the YFP cassette (no sRNA constructs), and a control sRNA that does not specifically target YFP. Colonies were streak purified and grown in LB supplemented with ampicillin. A restriction digest was run to confirm that both plasmids were in the colonies selected for the antibiotic resistance tests. Overnight cultures, in biological triplicate for each sample, were prepared. 50 µL of overnight culture was used to inoculate fresh media, and once the OD600 reached 0.5-0.6, the YFP fluorescence was measured.

Applications of BBa_K1323007

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