Help:Sequence Features

Sequence and Features

  • The Format changes the display of the sequence information.
    • The Subparts option will display all subparts that belong to the part (for composite parts only)
    • The Ruler option will map out the features of a part along a base pair ruler.
    • The SS option will display the sequence as a single strand.
    • The DS option will display the sequence as double stranded.
  • The Length displays the bp length of the part. Ex. Length: 49bp
  • The View plasmid is a third-party tool from [ LabGenius] which shows you how the part and plasmid backbones look as circular DNA.
  • The Get part sequence will output the part's sequence as text-only.
  • The Assembly Compatibility checks that a part will meet the requirements for the Registry's supported assembly standards. It will show if there are any illegal restriction sites for a part. Note: All parts submitted to the Registry for competition evaluation (medal criteria, awards) must be BioBrick (RFC[10] compatible or Type IIS (RFC[1000], unless an exemption has been given.

Note: The Sequence and Features can be edited by going to Tools > Edit Sequence and Features

What do all of the part feature symbols look like/mean?

Here is the graphical key for all of our currently available part features. This information and more graphical keys are also available here

Feature_barcode.png "Barcode"
Feature_silent_mutation.png "s_mutation" (silent mutation) site
Feature_tag.png "tag"
Feature_stem_loop.png "stem-loop"
Feature_polyA.png "poly-A tail"
Feature_misc.png "misc", "conserved", "operator"
Feature_promoter.png "promoter"
Feature_stop.png "stop"
Feature_start.png "start"
Feature_primer_binding.png "primer binding"
Feature_mutation.png (non-silent) "mutation"
Feature_biobrick.png "biobrick"
Feature_binding.png "binding"
Feature_protein.png "protein"
Feature_cds.png "cds"