DNA/Primer binding sites

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Primer binding sites are DNA sequences specifically designed for oligo annealing. For example, most BioBrick plasmid backbones include binding sites for the VF2 and VR primers.

BBa_G00000BioBrick cloning site prefixgaattcgcggccgcttctagag22
BBa_G00001BioBrick cloning site suffixtactagtagcggccgctgcag21
BBa_G00100Forward primer for sequencing/amplifying BioBrick parts (VF2)tgccacctgacgtctaagaa20
BBa_G00102Reverse BioBrick primer annealing site (VR binding site)gctcactcaaaggcggtaat20
BBa_K3464000Forward Primer for the detection of ancestral allele of the rs4149056tctgggtcatacatgtggatatatgt26
BBa_K3464001Forward Primer for the detection of alternative allele of the rs4149056tctgggtcatacatgtggatatatgc26
BBa_K3464002Reverse Primer for the detection of the rs4149056agcaaaggactattgaaagagtgaat26