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Sequence Analysis

You have converted some physical DNA into pure information (you had it sequenced) - now what would you like to do?
  • See how a sequence matches the parts in the Registry.
  • Compare a sequence to a particular part.
  • Combine several sequence readings to see if your part is correct.
  • Save a sequence with the part's other information so future users can find it.

The sequence analysis tools use a blast database that was last updated on Thu Mar 4 11:22:14 2021. (Update now)

Quickly analyze one sequence
Input your sequence:
Compare With All Basic Parts
Compare With All Parts
Compare To Part:

Advanced Sequencing Projects
In addition to one-time sequence blasts against the Registry contents as above, this tool supports sequence analyses that involve many sequences. The tool can store these analyses for you. It can also link the analyses to the part's "Physical DNA" page for the part so that other users may refer to the sequence results later. These sequence analyses are much more sophisticated than the simple blast above