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The B. subtilis promoters of this section is the ones that are said to be positively regulated. It means that meaning their expression level increase with the help of another third party protein called transcription activator (This category exclude the sigma factor protein itself). With the appropriate protein, you would be able to increase the activity of your promoter. Please read the description and characterization of each parts for more details.

Positively regulated B. subtilis σA promoters

This section lists the promoters recognized by B. subtilis σA RNA polymerase sub-unit. σA is the major B. subtilis sigma factor that is present under most growth conditions (but maximal during exponential growth phase).

NameDescriptionPromoter SequencePositive
BBa_K090504Gram-Positive Strong Constitutive Promoter . . . acatgggaaaactgtatgtatttgatcctc2392275It's complicated

Positively regulated B. subtilis σB promoters

This section lists promoters that are recognized by B. subtilis σB RNA polymerase. σB is the polymerase subunit that is the most present during the stationary growth phase. You can use these promoters if you want your construct to be mostly expressed during stationary growth phase or under starvation conditions.

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