Sample submission of parts is no longer a requirement for the iGEM competition. Also, iGEM HQ can no longer accept shipment of samples. Please do not ship any samples to our offices. Information in regards to shipping of samples to iGEM HQ has been kept solely for archival and consistency purposes.

Parts must still be documented on the Registry and follow the guidelines/requirements of the iGEM competition.

Sample submission of parts is no longer a requirement for the iGEM competition.


Here's how part samples are sent to the Registry

Why pSB1C3?

Why do samples need to be shipped in pSB1C3?

Detailed Instructions

Instructions on how to fill out the Registry's submission form.

Submission Prep

Registry groups must follow iGEM's submission prep guidelines.

Have questions on requirements or shipping part samples? Check the FAQ or contact us at hq (at) igem . org .

Submission Instructions
    Now that your part meets the Registry's submission requirements, you're ready to send a DNA sample:
  • you'll need to fill out an online submission form
  • prepare the physical shipment (aliquot DNA into tubes or wells)
  • ship the DNA to iGEM HQ (include a tracking number)

Before you send your part...

Make sure you've read the requirements!

    Your part must:
  • be BioBrick compatible. It does not contain the restriction sites: EcoRI, XbaI, SpeI, PstI
  • be in pSB1C3 and flanked by the BioBrick prefix and suffix, unless granted an exemption by iGEM HQ. Why pSB1C3?
  • be added to the Registry (it will have a part name, BBa_...).
  • have its sequence entered into the Registry

1. Starting a New DNA Submission

When you are ready to send your part to the Registry, go to the DNA Submission main page. To begin the submission process click on Start a New DNA Submission Now.

2a. Your Information
    You will need to verify your information first:
  • Check that your username and full name is correct.
  • Select your group. This will be the iGEM Team or Lab you are sending the part on behalf of.
  • Check email address and enter a contact number

2b. Format
    For 2016, 96 well plates are the only accepted format for sending part samples to the Registry:
  • Follow the submission kit requirements for preparing your 96 well plate
  • Provide any comments or special instructions about your entire shipment.
  • If you cannot ship your part(s) with the submission kit contact hq (at) igem (dot) org first

Now you're ready to populate the submission form with the part samples that you will be shipping