The iGEM Registry has over 20,000 documented parts and is growing every year. The Registry's Catalog organizes these parts by Part Type, Function, Chassis, etc.

We have also added part collections to the Catalog. Part collections may be created by a single team, for example, if they worked with a new chassis or technology and deposited a number of new parts. Collections may also span several groups, and contain related parts; we have collections of reporters, CRISPR/Cas9 enzymes and Drug Delivery systems.

We are curating these collections in order to help users find useful parts to their projects. Users can discover new parts and collections and build upon what previous iGEM teams and labs have achieved.

We hope that Registry users will find these collections useful and interesting. If you have any questions, or comments, please send an email to registry (at) igem . org


Most Used and Most Documented Parts

We're also working on improving the visibility of our most used and most documented parts. These pages highlight the top 10 most used and documented parts in many categories:

These tables are created dynamically, so if you do a great job and create a lot of documentation for your part, or for an existing part, you'll see your work reflected on these pages!


How are these collections curated?

iGEM and the Registry have a small staff, but we are dedicated to improving our resources. Registry curation is a part time activity.

Many of our collections are still works-in-progress, but we hope that they will still demonstrate the variety of parts available through the Registry.

Are collections complete/finalized?

No. Registry curation is an ongoing process. New parts get added every year and old ones are rediscovered. A collection is a great starting point to see what the Registry offers, and more parts will be added to it by iGEM users and Registry staff.

How can users add parts to these collections?

New parts can be added to these collections, by using the appropriate category/categories. We will note the required category/categories on each collection page.

  • To add a category to your part, select the part's information page.

  • Users can add categories to their part through the Categories section on the information page.

Please note that the most used and most documented part collections are created dynamically as parts get documented or used in new composite parts.

How can users add a new collection?

We have not formalized a method for submitting part collections. If you would like to propose a new collection or create your own, please send an email to registry (at) igem . org