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DNA Synthesis

In iGEM’s vision for the future of synthetic biology, synthetic biologists no longer manipulate DNA. Physical samples and assembly are no longer important because synthetic biologists would synthesize their designs entirely. In this future, exchanging information about parts will completely replace the need to exchange physical samples between labs.

We aren't quite there yet, as there are still technical, financial, and accessible limitations to synthesis, but the iGEM Registry is mindful of this future, and will adapt accordingly. In this way, we want to encourage all iGEM teams and Registry users to use synthesis in their projects.

We have always known that the information about a part is what is important and invaluable to others. That's why documenting parts on the Registry and making sure that they are well characterized and measured is crucial.

DNA Synthesis and iGEM

  • Since 2014, IDT has provided a generous offer to iGEM teams of 20kb worth of free DNA synthesis.
  • In 2019 iGEM removed the competition requirement for shipping part samples to the Registry. Teams were asked to focus on the documentation of their parts.