Translational units

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Translational units begin with the RBS, the site of ribosome binding and translational initiation, and end with a stop codon, the site of translational termination. Every translational unit in the Registry consists of at least three parts, a Translational start, one or more Internal Domains including Special Internal Domains, and a Tail Domain. Thus translational units can, in some sense, be thought of as a composite part made up of three or more parts. Protein coding sequences, in contrast, begin with a start codon and end with a stop codon.


For more information on protein domains, see protein domains. Unfortunately, the original BioBrick assembly standard, Assembly standard 10, does not support in-frame assembly of protein domains. (Assembly standard 10 creates an 8 bp scar between adjacent parts.) Therefore, it is recommended that you use an alternate approach to assemble protein domains together to make a translational unit. There are several possible approaches to assembling protein domains including direct synthesis (preferred because it creates no scars) as well as various assembly standards. Regardless of which standard you choose, we suggest that the resulting translational unit comply with the original BioBrick assembly standard so that your parts can be assembled with most of the parts in the Registry.

Translational units should be as follows


Although most RBSs are currently specified as separate parts in the Registry, we are now moving to a new design in which the RBS and Head domain are combined into a single part termed a Translational start. The new design has the advantage of encapsulating both ribosome binding and translational initiation within a single part. Our working hypothesis is that the new design will reduce the likelihood of unexpected functional composition problems between the RBS and coding sequence.

Help: A glossary, FAQ, and further reading on translational units, protein coding sequences, and protein domains.

Transcriptional regulation

BBa_I14044 weak RBS . LacI    1173
BBa_I732081 Tet repressor (RBS+ LVA- TERM-)    645
BBa_I746350 ogr activator from P2 phage    237
BBa_I746351 pag activator from PSP3 phage    237
BBa_I746352 delta activator from phiR73 phage    264
BBa_I712069 RBS-T7 RNA polymerase with NLS    2678
BBa_K118007 rbs+appY (encoding a DNA-binding transcriptional activator)    769
BBa_K081007 cI repressor (TERM-)    796
BBa_K081020 cI and lasR protein generator (TERM-)    1606
BBa_K082009 B0034-C0051    793
BBa_K346000 RBS(B0032)+T3 DNA-directed RNA polymerase    2674
BBa_I15040TetRRBS.TetR from pASKIBA3NoneForward    642
BBa_J37033 RBS + LuxR    799
BBa_I714892 CIind-    726
BBa_K091138 RBS+lsrR    972
BBa_K100010 RBS + XylR Transcriptional Regulator    1200
BBa_K131016 LuxOU from Vibrio harveyi    1945
BBa_K092800 Coding sequence for LacI modified with a different rate of translation than LacI, RBS    1103
BBa_K082012 B0034-LacI    1103
BBa_K772007 GFP - LasR anchor-inducer protein complex    1720
BBa_K1520501LuxRRbs-luxR(scarless)NoneForwardP12746   799
BBa_K1520502LacIRbs-lacI(scarless)LVAForwardP03023   1171
BBa_K1520503CI lambdaRbs-cI(scarless)LVAForwardP03034   793
BBa_K1520505TetRRbs-tetR(scarless)LVAForwardP04483   703



BBa_I9026 rhlI translational unit     685In stock
BBa_C0261luxIAHL-making Enzyme, luxI (+RBS)Forward     661In stock
BBa_K082010 B0034-C0070      685In stock
BBa_K082007 B0030-C0070      688It's complicated
BBa_K082008 B0032-C0070      686It's complicated
BBa_K1520504luxI-LVARbs-luxI(scarless)ForwardP12747nonenone  661Not in stock


BBa_I742155 crtY (lycopene cyclase) with native rbs     1171In stock
BBa_I742158 crtZ (beta-carotene hydroxylase) with native rbs     547In stock
BBa_K118004 rbs+dxs (1-deoxyxylulose-5-phosphate synthase)     1882In stock
BBa_K118005 rbs+crtI (phytoene dehydrogenase)     1498In stock
BBa_K118006 rbs+crtB (phytoene synthase)     949In stock
BBa_K118013 rbs+crtY (lycopene B-cyclase)     1162In stock
BBa_K118014 rbs+crtE (geranylgeranyl pyrophosphate synthase)     922In stock
BBa_I742152 crtE (geranylgeranyl pyrophosphate synthase) with native rbs.     954It's complicated
BBa_I742161 crtI (phytoene dehydrogenase) and crtB (phytoene synthase)     2430It's complicated
BBa_K152001 rbs + crtE     928It's complicated
BBa_K152002 RBS + crtB     910It's complicated
BBa_K152003 CrtY + RBS     1168It's complicated


BBa_I9026 rhlI translational unit     685In stock
BBa_C0261luxIAHL-making Enzyme, luxI (+RBS)Forward     661In stock
BBa_I716338 rbs-ThpD     938In stock
BBa_I716339 rbs-thpB-rbs-ThpC     1726In stock
BBa_I742109 COMT gene with ribosome binding site     1117In stock
BBa_I742111 Limonene synthase gene with ribosome binding site     1687In stock
BBa_K118017 rbs+glgC (ADP-glucose pyrophosphorylase)     1315In stock
BBa_K118018 rbs+glgC16 (glgC with G336D substitution)     1315In stock
BBa_K081008 luxI protein generator (TERM-)     664In stock
BBa_K081009 lasI protein generator (TERM-)     688In stock
BBa_K081017 pcyA protein generator (TERM-)     796In stock
BBa_K130000 srlD     792In stock
BBa_K082010 B0034-C0070      685In stock
BBa_K759007 RBS(B0034)and phaB (acetoacetyl-CoA reductase orgin from Ralstonia eutropha)     756In stock
BBa_J45396 BAT2 enzyme translational unit     1155It's complicated
BBa_I716337 rbs-ThpC     1155It's complicated
BBa_I742147 sam5 (coumarate hydroxylase) with native rbs.     1558It's complicated
BBa_I742148 sam8 (tyrosine ammonia lyase) with native rbs     1550It's complicated
BBa_I737020 PoPS->Agarase (Digests agar)     2591It's complicated
BBa_K125801 RBS-phaA     1251It's complicated
BBa_K125803 RBS-phaC     1158It's complicated
BBa_K125804 RBS-phaE     1014It's complicated
BBa_K082007 B0030-C0070      688It's complicated
BBa_K082008 B0032-C0070      686It's complicated
BBa_K156015 RBS + phaA     1201It's complicated
BBa_K156016 RBS + phaB1     760It's complicated
BBa_K156017 RBS + phaC1     1368It's complicated
BBa_K759006 B0034 and phaA (beta-ketothiolase orgin from Ralstonia eutropha)     1200It's complicated
BBa_K759008 B0034 and phaC (BBa_K342001)     1809It's complicated
BBa_K759009 RBS-phaC-RBS-phaA-RBS-phaB     3781It's complicated
BBa_K2483000 IAA producing enzymes fused to RNA-binding proteins under control of Pveg2     3914It's complicated
BBa_K2688008 folC_tu     1744It's complicated
BBa_I716336 rbs-ThpB      No part sequence
BBa_K125802 RBS-phaB     744Not in stock
BBa_K1520504luxI-LVARbs-luxI(scarless)ForwardP12747nonenone  661Not in stock
BBa_K2483009 IAAM and IAAH yeast optimized under GAL1 control     4765Not in stock
BBa_K2483008 IAA producing genes fused to droplet forming Ddx4 for S.cerevisiae     6453Not in stock


BBa_I718007 RBS-CRE    1058
BBa_K112205 {rbs.xis!} The xis gene with native rbs site and stop codon; assembly standard 21    238
BBa_K112212 {!} The integrase gene with native rbs site and stop codon, BBb format    1089
BBa_K112218 {rbs.ihfA!} The ihf alpha gene with native rbs and stop codon, BBb format    319
BBa_K112224 {rbs.ihfB!} The ihf beta gene with native rbs and stop codon, BBb format    306
BBa_K112234 {!} The bacteriophage lambda xis/integrase gene with native rbs and stop codon; assembly     1286
BBa_K082011 B0034-J61047     1055

Cell death

BBa_K112005 rbs.T4 holin!  673In stock
BBa_K112011 rbs.T4 antiholin! in BBb  308In stock
BBa_K112305 {rbs.lambda lysozyme!} in BBb format  496In stock
BBa_K112017 rbs.T4 lysozyme! in BBb  511It's complicated
BBa_K112311 {rbs.lambda holin!} in BBb format  338It's complicated
BBa_K112317 {rbs.lambda antiholin!} in BBb format  344It's complicated
BBa_K1631003 Tlanslational unit of Colicin Lysis Protein (for colicin-E3)  156It's complicated
BBa_K836004 Lysis inhibitor from Enterobacteria phage lambda (codon usage optimized for R. opacus)  338Not in stock
BBa_K836006 Lysis protein S from Enterobacteria phage lambda (codon usage optimized for R. opacus)  333Not in stock
BBa_K1631002 Translational unit of Colicin-E3  1668Not in stock

Other translational units

BBa_I15016 B0032.ECFPNone  742In stock
BBa_I15017 B0032.EYFPNone  742In stock
BBa_E5501 B0032.E0040  739In stock
BBa_I13502 Screening plasmid intermediate  724In stock
BBa_I13503 Screening plasmid intermediate  725In stock
BBa_J24679 RBS + LacI  1170In stock
BBa_J61201 [rbsGenR]  560In stock
BBa_I732017 lacZ full-length (RBS+ TERM-)  3093In stock
BBa_I732018 lacZ alpha fragment (RBS+ TERM-)  252In stock
BBa_I718011 rbs-dapA coli  903In stock
BBa_I718014 rbs-dapA (B. Subtilis)  897In stock
BBa_K088000 RBS+cI  793In stock
BBa_K132000 RBS+kanR+LVA  870In stock
BBa_J70312 E0031 (RBS+EYFP), B0014 (terminator)   843In stock
BBa_K190019 fMT   222In stock
BBa_K228803 RBS(B0034)+lacI(C0012)  1171In stock
BBa_K228809 RBS(B0034)+tetR(C0040)  703In stock
BBa_K216003 TNT receptor TNT-R3  851In stock
BBa_K193402 RBS is located upstream of pcyA  796In stock
BBa_K216006 pentaerythritol tetranitrate reductase with native rbs  1109In stock
BBa_K216008 bacterial luciferase LuxAB of Xenorhabdus luminescens  2110In stock
BBa_K415100 RBS : pVIII  240In stock
BBa_K322921 B. subtilis levansucrase. Lethal to E. coli in presence of sucrose.  1437In stock
BBa_K322139 Blue emitting luciferase (from X. luminescens)  2110In stock
BBa_K322123 Phycobilin synthesis operon without terminator  1399In stock
BBa_K322124 Red light sensor Cph8 (from Coliroid) with RBS  2253In stock
BBa_K346001 RBS (B0034) + MerR (mercury-responsive transcription factor)  453In stock
BBa_K314110 f1 origin  455In stock
BBa_K329005 Strong RBS (B0034) - LacZ-alpha fragment (I732006)  252In stock
BBa_K346083 RBS(B0034)+lacZ alpha(BBa_I732006)  252In stock
BBa_K346056 RBS-phiR73 delta(BBa_I746352)+Terminator(B0015)  401In stock
BBa_K325101 EPIC Firefly Luciferase
Photinus Pyralis
(E. coli optimised)
  1673In stock
BBa_K325211 Orange Firefly Luciferase
L. Cruciata
(E. coli optimised)
  1667In stock
BBa_K332033 37℃ induced RBS + tetR + double terminator  864In stock
BBa_K606013 SpoVG RFPmCherry double terminator. Translational unit for B. Subtilis  861In stock
BBa_K606017 T7 polymerase expression casette for Bacillus Subtilis  2673In stock
BBa_K523001 RBS + malS (E. coli periplasmic α-amylase)  2067In stock
BBa_K523002 RBS + bglX (E. coli perisplasmic β-glucosidase)  2338In stock
BBa_K515005K515005superfolder GFP (sfGFP)  744In stock
BBa_K516011 luxI protein generator TERM- RBS+(B0031)  663In stock
BBa_K516012 luxI protein generator TERM- RBS+(B0032)  662In stock
BBa_K538101 RBS + Cpn60  1668In stock
BBa_K538104 RBS + CspC  213In stock
BBa_S04602 B0034:C0077  805In stock
BBa_S04603 B0034:C0040  703In stock
BBa_S04605 S04603:E0240  1587In stock
BBa_K625000 RBS-LacIM1  1121In stock
BBa_K517002 alpha-pinene synthase  1884In stock
BBa_K517003 beta-pinene synthase   1881In stock
BBa_K517005 erg20-2  1059In stock
BBa_K646000 Hemeoxygenase with RBS  744In stock
BBa_K567012 tRNA(Asp)-AGG  323In stock
BBa_K567013 tRNA(Asp)-TAG  323In stock
BBa_K567015 PT7-metGN  1445In stock
BBa_K567016 metY-CGA  574In stock
BBa_K622000 rpoN: coding sigma 54 factor  1461In stock
BBa_K622006 ChitinaseA1  1870In stock
BBa_K557001 Aptamer-CheZ: theophylline-sensitive synthetic riboswitch+phosphatase which dephosphorylates CheY-P  698In stock
BBa_K917000 cscA sucrose hydrolase from E. coli 157:H7 Sakai  1444In stock
BBa_K741006 RBS-crogfp-T  1088In stock
BBa_K917006 E. coli cytochrome maturation gene cluster ccmA-H  6467In stock
BBa_K917003 E coli quinol dehydrogenase napC  631In stock
BBa_K733003 RBS+ydcD: antitoxin gene  303In stock
BBa_K762100 LIMS1 with RBS  1684In stock
BBa_K953001 Deinococcus radiodurans Bacteriophytochrome with RBS (E. coli Codon Optimised)  2296In stock
BBa_K953002 Agrobacterium tumefaciens Bacteriophytochrome with RBS (E. coli Codon Optimised)  2236In stock
BBa_K917011 lac promoter plus sucrose hydrolase (cscA)  2052In stock
BBa_K953004 Hemeoxygenase with RBS (E. coli Codon Optimised)  748In stock
BBa_K902059 katG +LAA behind an RBS (B0034)  2235In stock
BBa_K773001 mCherry-AAV  12In stock
BBa_K773003 mCherry-LVA  765In stock
BBa_K773004 mCherry-AAV  765In stock
BBa_K902040 B0034 + CarAd  1008In stock
BBa_K902070 B0034-rhaS  855In stock
BBa_K1065000 2-oxoglutarate oxygenase/decarboxylase (EFE)  1078In stock
BBa_K1065104 RBS + SAM synthetase  1169In stock
BBa_K1122674 Plac+fused PDC-ADH  3622In stock
BBa_K1065103 PchBA  1892In stock
BBa_K1122676 IPTG inducible pdc and adhB  3660In stock
BBa_K1033120 B0034-ExpTag-Linker-Miraculin-Linker-6xHis  717In stock
BBa_K1223003 Kanamicin ressistance  967In stock
BBa_K1223011 ampR translational unit (ampicilin resistance CDS+promoter)  1014In stock
BBa_K1017602 37℃ RBS + mGFP  778In stock
BBa_K1017603 37℃ RBS + LuxR  839In stock
BBa_K1039015 Inverted GFP  740In stock
BBa_K1115004 dhlA Haloalkane dehalogenase  958In stock
BBa_K1115006 dhlB + dhlA ligated with HindIII  1744In stock
BBa_K1039019 pVIII of M13 Bacteriophage with strong RBS (B0034)  240In stock
BBa_K1159113 Eukaryotic light-switchable TEV Protease translational unit (PhyB/PIF3 based)  4625In stock
BBa_K1159114 Eukaryotic light-switchable TEV Protease translational unit (PhyB/PIF6 based)  4625In stock
BBa_K1159115 Eukaryotic light-switchable TEV Protease translational unit (PhyB/PIF3 based) with downstream IRES  5269In stock
BBa_K1159116 Eukaryotic light-switchable TEV Protease translational unit (PhyB/PIF6 based) with downstream IRES  5269In stock
BBa_K1159117 Red light triggered Kill Switch for plants translation unit (PhyB/PIF3 version)  6191In stock
BBa_K1159118 Red light triggered Kill Switch for plants translation unit (PhyB/PIF6 version)  6191In stock
BBa_K1159119 Red light triggered TEV Protease with FRET Reporter for plants translation unit (PhyB/PIF3 version)  6751In stock
BBa_K1159120 Red light triggered TEV Protease with FRET Reporter for plants translation unit (PhyB/PIF6 version)  6751In stock
BBa_K1159212 Membrane-anchored SpyCatcher with secretory SpyTag_nLuc reporter fusion translational unit  2725In stock
BBa_K1159213 Membrane-anchored SpyCatcher with secretory nLuc_SpyTag reporter fusion translational unit  2725In stock
BBa_K1159214 Membrane-anchored SpyTag with secretory nLuc_SpyCatcher reporter fusion translational unit  2725In stock
BBa_K1159215 Membrane-anchored SpyTag with secretory SpyCatcher_nLuc reporter fusion translational unit  2725In stock
BBa_K1115008 dhlB + dhlA ligated with HindIII  1744In stock
BBa_K1202108 pLsr promoter and LsrR Generator  1799In stock
BBa_K1202110 AI-2 Generator (LuxS-Pfs)  1307In stock
BBa_K1202109 LsrK Generator  1643In stock
BBa_K1202114 C215 Presenting Dock (With OmpA)  914In stock
BBa_K1202115 Tat Apoptin For Bacterial Secretion With TorA Signal Peptide  745In stock
BBa_T6001 test translational unit  738In stock
BBa_K1429001 Red Fluorescent Protein (RFP) "Rudolph" coding region, intellectual property-free  703In stock
BBa_K1364003 RBS - Antifungal D4E1 - Double terminator  322In stock
BBa_K1461312 pEpCAM-RBS-GFP-4 miR 142 3p site-d.term  738In stock
BBa_K1402001 RBS-MsbA-Terminator  1890In stock
BBa_K1402005 RBS-AtFatA-Terminator  1558In stock
BBa_K1429002 Cyan Fluorescent Protein (CFP) "Cindy Lou" coding region, intellectual property-free  724In stock
BBa_K1465206 Shell-proteins (csoS4AB, csoS1CAB) of the carboxysome of Halothiobacillus neapolitanus  1654In stock
BBa_K1521000 Quorum threshold expression element (qteE) from Pseudomonas aeruginosa + SpoVg RBS  591In stock
BBa_K1364002 RBS - Antifungal GAFP-1  187In stock
BBa_K1465207 Pore-forming protein (csoS1D) of the carboxysome of Halothiobacillus neapolitanus  663In stock
BBa_K1319020 Translational unit of mRFP-galectin3-his  1613In stock
BBa_K1364000 N-acetylatedGlucosamine based chemotaxis for Bacillus subtilis  2239In stock
BBa_K1465103 Fumarate reductase subunit A (FumA) from Actinobacillus succinogenes  1803In stock
BBa_K1402015 RBS-BTE-Terminator  1702In stock
BBa_K1526000 SpPCS: Phytochelatin synthase from Schizosaccharomyces pombe  1269In stock
BBa_K1526001 Gsh1*: Mutated Glutamate-Cysteine Ligase(Gsh1) from Saccharomyces cerevisiae  1581In stock
BBa_K1465228 Sedoheptulose 1,7-bisphosphatase (glpX) from Bacillus methanolicus  975In stock
BBa_K1465302 Isobutanol pathway  6738In stock
BBa_K1497011 B0034-ANS  1170In stock
BBa_K1526003 CysP from Bacillus subtilis  1089In stock
BBa_K1497013 B0034-DFR  1080In stock
BBa_K1362011 RBS + λ-Lysozyme  539In stock
BBa_K1362050 Intein protease - T7RBS-His-SspDnaBC  500In stock
BBa_K1321334 pSB-AcsAB  4684In stock
BBa_K1321335 acsCD  4451In stock
BBa_K1362013 RBS + Circular λ-Lysozyme with rigid linker  1016In stock
BBa_K1362021 RBS + Circular Xylanase with His6 linker  1070In stock
BBa_K1362020 RBS + Xylanase  582In stock
BBa_K1362023 RBS + Xylanase (with His6)  612In stock
BBa_K1465303 Isobutanol pathway with adhA from Lactococcus lactis  7781In stock
BBa_K1362170 Split sfGFP reconstitution positive control  791In stock
BBa_K1505000 RBS+mntH  1324In stock
BBa_K1505002 RBS+mntH+mCerulean  2034In stock
BBa_K1362173 Split sfGFP reconstitution N-terminal splicing half  575In stock
BBa_K1362172 Split sfGFP reconstitution C-terminal non-splicing control half  707In stock
BBa_K1362174 Split sfGFP reconstitution N-terminal non-splicing control half  575In stock
BBa_K1375005 RBS+amilCP+DT  824In stock
BBa_K1500008 IPTG-GFP mutated MutY  2026In stock
BBa_T6002 test translational unit  738In stock
BBa_K1695004 RBS + Bacteriophage 21 codon optimized R gene  516In stock
BBa_K1695006 RBS + Bacteriophage 21 codon optimized Rz gene  480In stock
BBa_K1695008 RBS + Bacteriophage 21 codon optimized S mutant gene   153In stock
BBa_K1695010 RBS + Bacteriophage 21 S mutant gene  153In stock
BBa_K1695013 Riboswitch + Bacteriophage 21 codon optimized R gene  516In stock
BBa_K1695014 Riboswitch + Bacteriophage 21 codon optimized Rz gene  480In stock
BBa_K1695027 RBS + Bacteriophage λ S mutant gene   336In stock
BBa_K1695032 RBS + Bacteriophage λ codon-optimized R gene   495In stock
BBa_K1695033 RBS + Bacteriophage λ codon optimized Rz gene   480In stock
BBa_K1670002 cepR activator  766In stock
BBa_K1670004 EsaI 3OC6-HSL sender device  673In stock
BBa_K1602000 B0034-xylB  765In stock
BBa_K1602001 B0034-xylC  888In stock
BBa_K1679019 GFP+Promoter+RNA thermometer (FourU) +mRFP  1690In stock
BBa_K1725421 RBS + UirR  745In stock
BBa_K1602007 B0034+cadA  1002In stock
BBa_K1602008 B0034+GRE3  1002In stock
BBa_K1631004 Tlanslational unit of Immunity protein for Colicin-E3  270In stock
BBa_K1587002 pcyA with RBS  796In stock
BBa_K1631005 Translational unit of Barstar (Barnase immunity protein)  285In stock
BBa_K1729001 Yeast mitochondrial ribosomal protein MRPS12  480In stock
BBa_K1602014  B0034-yagE  927In stock
BBa_K1602037 eYFP with C-terminal GBD ligand and RBS BBa_B0034  849In stock
BBa_K1602038 eYFP with C-terminal SH3 ligand and RBS BBa_B0034  786In stock
BBa_K2123202  MerT + MerP (Hg transporters) + MerB (Organomercurial Lyase) + MerA (Mercuric Reductase) + B0015  1189In stock
BBa_K2310997 GFP Reporter  875In stock
BBa_K2243002 D4_Bxb1 gp35  1503In stock
BBa_K2243003 D7_Bxb1 gp35  1503In stock
BBa_K3470000 MerR + RBS   453In stock
BBa_K3470001 RBS (B0034) + MerR (Mercury-responsive transcription factor)  453In stock
BBa_C0260aiiAautoinducer inactivation enzyme, AaiiA (+RBS)LVAForward  832It's complicated
BBa_I15019 B0031.ECFP  743It's complicated
BBa_I15020 B0031.EYFP  743It's complicated
BBa_I15012 B0030.ECFP  744It's complicated
BBa_I15013 B0030.EYFP  744It's complicated
BBa_E5500 B0030.E0040  741It's complicated
BBa_I742164 ftsK (cell division protein) of E. coli with native rbs  4016It's complicated
BBa_K091158 RBS+lsrK  1611It's complicated
BBa_K131015 LuxPQ from Vibrio harveyi  3825It's complicated
BBa_K112227 {rbs.ompT} The ompT gene with native rbs, BBb format  83It's complicated
BBa_K112120 rbs.BamHI  661It's complicated
BBa_K112232 rbs.barstar!  292It's complicated
BBa_K132001 RBS+cmR+LVA  716It's complicated
BBa_K098999 mtrB with RBS  2112It's complicated
BBa_K156024 RBS + OFP  883It's complicated
BBa_K156025 RBS + SBFP2  739It's complicated
BBa_K156026 Strong RBS + SBFP2  738It's complicated
BBa_K116512 SasA with RBS(B0034+K116502)   1182It's complicated
BBa_K112121 BglII endonuclease with ribosome binding site  696It's complicated
BBa_K165057 Kozak + mCherry  761It's complicated
BBa_K165058 Kozak + YFP  770It's complicated
BBa_K165059 Kozak + CFPx2   1520It's complicated
BBa_K176027 PoPS->RBS+lacZalpha-ccdB->PoPS  498It's complicated
BBa_K216002 TNT Receptor TNT-R1  851It's complicated
BBa_K176061 PoPS->RBS(weak)+lacZalpha-ccdB->PoPS  500It's complicated
BBa_K176106 PoPS->RBS+GFP->RBS+luxI-LVA->PoPS  1407It's complicated
BBa_K228801 RBS(B0030)+lacI(C0012)  1174It's complicated
BBa_K228802 RBS(B0032)+lacI(C0012)  1172It's complicated
BBa_K228804 RBS(J61100)+lacI(C0012)  1171It's complicated
BBa_K228805 RBS(J61107)+lacI(C0012)  1171It's complicated
BBa_K228806 RBS(J61127)+lacI(C0012)  1171It's complicated
BBa_K228807 RBS(B0030)+tetR(C0040)  706It's complicated
BBa_K228808 RBS(B0032)+tetR(C0040)  704It's complicated
BBa_K228810 RBS(J61100)+tetR(C0040)  703It's complicated
BBa_K228811 RBS(J61107)+tetR(C0040)  703It's complicated
BBa_K228864 RBS(B0034)-mutated PhiR73 delta(K228863)  261It's complicated
BBa_K228032 RBS and AraC coding sequence  958It's complicated
BBa_K228033 RBS and AraC coding sequence  958It's complicated
BBa_K228034 RBS and AraC coding sequence  961It's complicated
BBa_K228035 RBS and AraC coding sequence  958It's complicated
BBa_K228036 RBS and AraC coding sequence  958It's complicated
BBa_K228037 RBS and AraC coding sequence  959It's complicated
BBa_K176159 PoPS->RBS+ccdB-LVA->PoPS  360It's complicated
BBa_K176160 PoPS->RBS+lacZalpha-ccdB-LVA->PoPS  531It's complicated
BBa_K176162 PoPS->RBS(weak)+lacZalpha-ccdB-LVA->PoPS  533It's complicated
BBa_K216004 Trz hybrid signal transduction protein  1505It's complicated
BBa_K176191 PoPS->RBS(weak)+AID->PoPS  620It's complicated
BBa_K176223 PoPS->RBS+mRFP->RBS+luxI-LVA->PoPS  1393It's complicated
BBa_K173013 pdc translational unit (RBS B0030)  1731It's complicated
BBa_K173014 adhB translational unit (RBS B0030)  1176It's complicated
BBa_K216007 lumazine protein  584It's complicated
BBa_K218000 LuxPQ from Vibrio harveyi  3825It's complicated
BBa_K218001 LuxOU from Vibrio harveyi  1945It's complicated
BBa_K206009 rbs - GFP_LVA  777It's complicated
BBa_K218026aiiARbs-autoinducer inactivation Enzyme (aiiA)- Double terminatorsNo tagForward  911It's complicated
BBa_J18933 FKBP~GLucFrag1  923It's complicated
BBa_J18934 FKBP~GLucFrag2  875It's complicated
BBa_J18935 FKBP ~ mCitrine  1361It's complicated
BBa_J18936 FKBP ~ mCherry  1352It's complicated
BBa_J18937 FKBP ~ mCerulean  1361It's complicated
BBa_J18938 FKBP ~ bla-frag1  1190It's complicated
BBa_J18939 FKBP ~ bla-frag2  935It's complicated
BBa_J18940 FRB ~ GLucFrag1  881It's complicated
BBa_J18941 FRB ~ GLucFrag2  833It's complicated
BBa_J18942 FRB ~ mCherry  1310It's complicated
BBa_J18943 ZipE34 ~ GLucFrag1  731It's complicated
BBa_J18944 ZipE34 ~ mCerulean  1169It's complicated
BBa_J18945 ZipR34 ~ GLucFrag2  683It's complicated
BBa_J18946 ZipE34 ~ bla-frag1  998It's complicated
BBa_J18947 Lov2 ~ GLucFrag1  1016It's complicated
BBa_J18948 Lov2 ~ GLucFrag2  968It's complicated
BBa_J18949 GLucFrag1 ~ Lov2  1016It's complicated
BBa_J18950 mCitrine ~ Lov2  1454It's complicated
BBa_J18951 FRB ~ mCitrine  1319It's complicated
BBa_J18952 FRB ~ mCerulean  1319It's complicated
BBa_J18953 ZipE34 ~ mCherry  1160It's complicated
BBa_J18954 ZipR34 ~ mCitrine  1169It's complicated
BBa_J18955 Lov2 ~ mCitrine  1454It's complicated
BBa_J18956 Lov2 ~ mCerulean  1454It's complicated
BBa_J18957 mCerulean ~ Lov2  1454It's complicated
BBa_J102000 RBS + GFP with LVA  777It's complicated
BBa_K415126 RBS_weak:pVIII-cys   No part sequence
BBa_K371000 pduJK(Propanediol utilization gene J+K)[RBS+pduJ+RBS+pduK]  783It's complicated
BBa_K371001 pduAB(Propanediol utilization gene A+B)[RBS+pduA+RBS+pduB]  1112It's complicated
BBa_K371003 pduAB+pduJK  1903It's complicated
BBa_K371004 pduN(Propanediol utilization gene N)[RBS+pduN]  294It's complicated
BBa_K371005 pduTUV(Propanediol utilization gene T+U+V)[RBS+pduT+RBS+pduU+RBS+pduV]  1396It's complicated
BBa_K371006 pduN+pduTUV  1698It's complicated
BBa_K371007 pduAB+pduJK+pduN+pduTUV  3609It's complicated
BBa_K358012 SΔTMD1  289It's complicated
BBa_K322210 Chloramphenicol acetyltransferase (cat)  1081It's complicated
BBa_K322122 Phycocyanobilin synthesis operon  1531It's complicated
BBa_K322007 Lumazine protein (LumP). Causes blue shift of P. phosphoreum luciferase emmision spectrum.  582It's complicated
BBa_K395160 RBS-CmR(no promoter and terminator)  679It's complicated
BBa_K395705 crtW (beta-carotene ketolase) with rbs   751It's complicated
BBa_K398402 Prefoldin-alpha generator  517It's complicated
BBa_K398403 Prefoldin-beta generator  415It's complicated
BBa_K329000 Medium RBS (B0032) - Tetracycline resistance protein TetA(C) (J31007)  1210It's complicated
BBa_K329003 Strong RBS (B0034) - Tetracycline resistance protein TetA(C) (J31007)  1209It's complicated
BBa_K329004 Weak RBS (B0031) - Tetracycline resistance protein TetA(C) (J31007)  1211It's complicated
BBa_K329006 Weak RBS (B0031) - LacZ alpha fragment (I732006)  254It's complicated
BBa_K329007 Strong RBS (B0034) - LuxR (C0062)  799It's complicated
BBa_K346003 RBS(B0032)+MBP(mercury metal binding peptide engineered from MerR)  342It's complicated
BBa_K329010 RBS + Int HK022  1074It's complicated
BBa_K329011 RBS + Xis-Int HK022  1292It's complicated
BBa_K317018 RBS-Antigen 43  3138It's complicated
BBa_K323123 Jazz::crtE  1259It's complicated
BBa_K323124 Blues::crtB  1280It's complicated
BBa_K323125 Zif268:crtI  1811It's complicated
BBa_K323126 PbsII::crtY  1475It's complicated
BBa_K323127 Gli1:crtZ  1088It's complicated
BBa_K323128 HivC::crtO  1946It's complicated
BBa_K341444 mCherry -> landing pad -> I-Scel site   No part sequence
BBa_K341004 recombination sequence +mCherry+I-Sce I cutting site  731It's complicated
BBa_K341005 recombination sequence + Kan+I-Sce I cutting site  877It's complicated
BBa_K341006 recombination sequence +chlr+I-Sce I cutting site  721It's complicated
BBa_K316030 LytC cell wall anchoring protein for B. subtilis  974It's complicated
BBa_K316015 ComD receptor for CSP-1 (S. pneumoniae), phosphorylates ComE  1375It's complicated
BBa_K317041 RBS(B0034)-pduABJKNU-Term(B0015)   2743It's complicated
BBa_K341011 recombination sequence+mCherry+Chlr+I-SceI cutting site   No part sequence
BBa_K341012 recombination sequence+Kan+Chlr+I-SceI cutting site   No part sequence
BBa_K341013 recombination sequence+Kan+Chlr+I-SceI cutting site   No part sequence
BBa_K341014 recombination sequence+eGFP+mCherry+Kan+Chlr   No part sequence
BBa_K427002 Mor protein of Mu bacteriophage  405It's complicated
BBa_K427001 C protein of the Mu bacteriophage  438It's complicated
BBa_K329012 RBS + Int Lambda  1300It's complicated
BBa_K325102 Luciferin Regenerating Enzyme (LRE)
P. Pyralis
(E. coli optimised)
  948It's complicated
BBa_K325202 Luciferin Regenerating Enzyme (LRE)
L. Cruciata
(E. coli optimised)
  950It's complicated
BBa_K329014 RBS - IntI1  1037It's complicated
BBa_K329016 RBS + Xis-Int Lambda  1288It's complicated
BBa_K329018 RBS + Xis-Int Tn916  1658It's complicated
BBa_K329020 RBS - mccA   45It's complicated
BBa_K329024 Weak RBS (B0031) - LuxR (C0062)  801It's complicated
BBa_K329025 Medium RBS (B0032) - LuxR (C0062)  800It's complicated
BBa_K323213 RBS crtO  1649It's complicated
BBa_K316018 ComE responsive promoter  140It's complicated
BBa_K316019 Reverse strand coding ComE responsive promoter  140It's complicated
BBa_K376004 Anaerobic Fluorescent Protein with RBS  448It's complicated
BBa_K376010 LuxR with RBS  799It's complicated
BBa_K371035 MPF(meta-prefix)+pduN+RBS+pduU+MSF(meta-suffix)  678It's complicated
BBa_K371036 MPF(meta-prefix)+pduN+RBS+pduT+MSF(meta-suffix)  879It's complicated
BBa_K608151 translational unit of pcyA  883It's complicated
BBa_K608352 Bacteriophage Lysis Cassette with RBS  1256It's complicated
BBa_K606029 RBS SpoVG GFPmut3b T7terminator   1036It's complicated
BBa_S04606 S04603:S04602  1516It's complicated
BBa_K517004 ERG20  1059It's complicated
BBa_K578005 J23102+E0840 (Constitutive GFP)  921It's complicated
BBa_K581021 RBS+afsA  924It's complicated
BBa_K567002 sulA promoter-tRNA(Arg)  567It's complicated
BBa_K567011 PT7-TDRS  1775It's complicated
BBa_K567014 PT7-metGM  2265It's complicated
BBa_K622001 glnL: coding a nitrogen regulatory protein, NtrB  1115It's complicated
BBa_K622003 glnG: coding a nitrogen regulatory protein, NtrC  1382It's complicated
BBa_K622004 glnLG: coding both nitrogen regulatory protein NtrB and NtrC  2497It's complicated
BBa_K557006 lasI+lasR  1376It's complicated
BBa_K734000 Caffeine demethylation pathway  5653It's complicated
BBa_K917007 S. oneidensis decaheme cytochrome c electron export system mtrCAB  5232It's complicated
BBa_K917008 S. oneidensis decaheme cytochrome c mtrA  1024It's complicated
BBa_K917009 S. oneidensis tetraheme cytochrome c cymA  599It's complicated
BBa_K906100 Extended psbA2 with Zeaxanthin 7,8-cleavage dioxygenase (ZCD)  1310It's complicated
BBa_K906102 ZCD with Histidine Patch Thioredoxins and Hist-tag  2135It's complicated
BBa_K906103 Safranal and Crocin Producing Construct (Cs42s)  3751It's complicated
BBa_K861044 FadI with a RBS  1332It's complicated
BBa_K733004 RBS+ydcE  371It's complicated
BBa_K917004 nfsI nitroreductase gene from Enterobacter cloacae  671It's complicated
BBa_K914009 P1003* Ser133->Amber Codon  967It's complicated
BBa_K776006 RBS + PrrA   No part sequence
BBa_K776007 RBS + PrrB   No part sequence
BBa_K776008 RBS + PrrC   No part sequence
BBa_K776009 RBS + AppA   No part sequence
BBa_K776010 RBS + PpsR   No part sequence
BBa_K902051 dszA behind and RBS (B0034)  1380It's complicated
BBa_K902020 B0034-S7  711It's complicated
BBa_K902056 dszC behind an RBS (B0034)  1272It's complicated
BBa_K902072 mgtAp-mgtArb-J04650  1173It's complicated
BBa_K914018 P1003** Kan resistant gene with 2 Amber Codon  967It's complicated
BBa_K1065100 BSMT1 enzyme  1230It's complicated
BBa_K1087000 RBS-cre-ssrA(LAA)tag  1108It's complicated
BBa_K1087001 RBS-RFP-ssrA tag   No part sequence
BBa_K1122679 pSpac - LacZ - fused pdc and adhB  3412It's complicated
BBa_K1122680 Plac - LacZ - Fur  1056It's complicated
BBa_K1021004 T7 promoter + RBS + afp1 (antifungal)   483It's complicated
BBa_K1044002 High-level expression of myoglobin in Escherichia coli.  480It's complicated
BBa_K1223005 cI translational unit  845It's complicated
BBa_K1100012CI lambdaOUTS1 repressible cILVAForwardP03034 813It's complicated
BBa_K1115005 REVERSE INSERT! Coding region of dicholoroethane (DCA) dehydrogenase  791It's complicated
BBa_K1100151 AAC(6')-Ib translational unit with B0015 terminator  775It's complicated
BBa_K1125000 SrUCPa w/ kozack sequence  935It's complicated
BBa_K1115007 dhlB 2-haloalkanoic acid dehalogenase   791It's complicated
BBa_K1109006 lqs response unite  3292It's complicated
BBa_K1202100 Nanofactory Binding Zone (C215)  482It's complicated
BBa_K1202101 Nanofactory Enzyme Zone (LuxS-Pfs)  1373It's complicated
BBa_K1202103 Tat-Apoptin with HlyA signal peptide  740It's complicated
BBa_K1202102 Nanofactory Connecting Domain (Protein G)  707It's complicated
BBa_K1202104 TorA GFP  1003It's complicated
BBa_K1202106 TAT-HA2-Apoptin: Cancer killing peptide  629It's complicated
BBa_K1202105 TAT-Apoptin: Cancer killing peptide  515It's complicated
BBa_K1202111 MPG-Apoptin: Cancer killing peptide  554It's complicated
BBa_K1202107 TAT-E4-orf4: Cancer killing peptide  497It's complicated
BBa_K1202112 GFP HlyA  1054It's complicated
BBa_K1202113 TAT-RFP  830It's complicated
BBa_K1465201 Phosphoribulokinase prkA from Synechococcus elongatus  1020It's complicated
BBa_K1465202 Ribulose-1,5-bisphosphate carboxylase/oxygenase (RuBisCO) from Halothiobacillus neapolitanus  1791It's complicated
BBa_K1472603 testing   No part sequence
BBa_K1465204 Shell-associated protein (csoS2) of the carboxysome of Halothiobacillus neapolitanus  2674It's complicated
BBa_K1465205 Carbonic anhydrase (csoS3) of the carboxysome of Halothiobacillus neapolitanus  1565It's complicated
BBa_K1333302 Rose42-RFP   808It's complicated
BBa_K1461306 pCMV-RBS-GFP-4 miR 142 3p site-d.term  1595It's complicated
BBa_K1461307 pCMV-RBS-GFP-4 miR 142 5p site-d.term  1587It's complicated
BBa_K1461308 pCMV-RBS-GFP-4 miR 142 3p non-binding sites-d.term  1589It's complicated
BBa_K1461309 pCMV-RBS-GFP-4 miR 142 5p non-bindgin sites-d.term  1595It's complicated
BBa_K1461310 pCMV-RBS-GFP-2 miR 142 3p bindgin sites-2 miR 142 5p binding site-d.term  1591It's complicated
BBa_K1461311 pCMV-RBS-GFP-2 miR 142 3p non-bindgin sites-2 miR 142 5p non-binding site-d.term  1591It's complicated
BBa_K1461313 pEpCAM-RBS-GFP-4 miR 142 5p site-d.term   No part sequence
BBa_K1461314 pEpCAM-RBS-GFP-4 miR 142 3p non-bindng site-d.term   No part sequence
BBa_K1461315 pEpCAM-RBS-GFP-4 miR 142 5p non-bindng site-d.term   No part sequence
BBa_K1461316 pEpCAM-RBS-GFP-2 miR 142 3p bindgin sites-2 miR 142 5p binding site-d.term   No part sequence
BBa_K1461317 pEpCAM-RBS-GFP-2 miR 142 3p non-bindgin sites-2 miR 142 5p non-binding site-d.term   No part sequence
BBa_K1461318 pEpCAM(mutant)-RBS-GFP-4 miR 142 3p site-d.term   No part sequence
BBa_K1461319 pEpCAM(mutant)-RBS-GFP-4 miR 142 5p site-d.term   No part sequence
BBa_K1461320 pEpCAM(mutant)-RBS-GFP-4 miR 142 3p non-bindng site-d.term   No part sequence
BBa_K1461321 pEpCAM(mutant)-RBS-GFP-4 miR 142 5p non-bindng site-d.term   No part sequence
BBa_K1461322 pEpCAM(mutant)-RBS-GFP-2 miR 142 3p bindgin sites-2 miR 142 5p binding site-d.term   No part sequence
BBa_K1461323 pEpCAM(mutant)-RBS-GFP-2 miR 142 3p non-bindgin sites-2 miR 142 5p non-binding site-d.term   No part sequence
BBa_K1334018 RBS+FDH  2195It's complicated
BBa_K1334019 promoter+RBS+FDH+terminator  2399It's complicated
BBa_K1402002 T7-RBS-MsbA-Terminator  1924It's complicated
BBa_K1402006 T7-RBS-AtFatA-Terminator  1592It's complicated
BBa_K1430002 TRP1 gene from yeast   1501It's complicated
BBa_K1430004 LEU2 gene from yeast  1921It's complicated
BBa_K1521001 RBS SpoVG (K143021) + lasR   738It's complicated
BBa_K1429003 Orange Fluorescent Protein (OFP) "Yukon" coding region with RBS, intellectual property-free  703It's complicated
BBa_K1465101 Cytochrome c from Geobacter sulfurreducens  465It's complicated
BBa_K1344004 malS-HlyA (with RBS)  2255It's complicated
BBa_K1465104 Fumarate reductase FumBCD from Actinobacillus succinogenes  1539It's complicated
BBa_K1362992  -- No description --    No part sequence
BBa_K1465301 adhA gene from Lactococcus lactis  1035It's complicated
BBa_K1497002 B0034-eANS (engineered anthocyanidin synthase with strong RBS)  968It's complicated
BBa_K1497004 B0034-CHS - Chalcone Synthase from Gerbera with strong RBS  1215It's complicated
BBa_K1497012 B0034-F3H  1125It's complicated
BBa_K1362012 RBS + Circular λ-Lysozyme with His6 linker  998It's complicated
BBa_K1362022 RBS + Circular Xylanase  1052It's complicated
BBa_K1362171 Split sfGFP reconstitution C-terminal splicing half  707It's complicated
BBa_K1505001 RBS+smtA+mCherry  977It's complicated
BBa_K1375006 RBS+amilCP+DT+Pcon+RBS  887It's complicated
BBa_K1375007 RBS+lasR+RhlR+DT  1671It's complicated
BBa_K1500001 ParoF-mCherry backbone  950It's complicated
BBa_K1500002 IPTG promoter-GFP (IG) backbone  946It's complicated
BBa_K1500004 IPTG-GFP MutD  1705It's complicated
BBa_K1500012 ParoF--mCherry--EmrR  1487It's complicated
BBa_K1500007 IPTG->GFP+mutH(E56A)  1663It's complicated
BBa_K1500013 ParoF--mCherry--dam  1814It's complicated
BBa_K1500010 IPTG--GFP--EmrR  1504It's complicated
BBa_K1500014 paroF->MCherry-MutH(E56A)  1667It's complicated
BBa_K1500015 paroF->MCherry-MutH()  1667It's complicated
BBa_K1500016 paroF->MCherry-MutH(E56A)  1667It's complicated
BBa_K1695002 RBS + Bacteriophage 21 codon optimized S gene  225It's complicated
BBa_K1695012 Riboswitch + Bacteriophage 21 codon optimized S gene   225It's complicated
BBa_K1695017 Riboswitch + Bacteriophage λ codon optimized S gene   482It's complicated
BBa_K1695018 Riboswitch + Bacteriophage λ codon optimized R gene   641It's complicated
BBa_K1695020 Riboswitch + Bacteriophage λ codon optimized Rz gene  626It's complicated
BBa_K1695029 RBS + Bacteriophage λ codon-optimized S gene   336It's complicated
BBa_K1695030 RBS + Bacteriophage λ codon-optimized S mutant gene   336It's complicated
BBa_K1593667 T7-SCVE  300It's complicated
BBa_K1604030 pncB   1220It's complicated
BBa_K1695051 RBS Bacteriophage 21 Lysis Cassette S R Rz  1258It's complicated
BBa_K1602002 B0034-yjhG  1986It's complicated
BBa_K1632020 rbs_CmR(ssrA degradation tag)  712It's complicated
BBa_K1653031 RBS+idi  567It's complicated
BBa_K1653032 RBS+ispDF  1208It's complicated
BBa_K1653034 RBS+dxs+RBS  1901It's complicated
BBa_K1724001 RBS+CsgA  476It's complicated
BBa_K1724003 RBS+MntA  2297It's complicated
BBa_K1679013 RNA thermometer (ROSE)+mRFP  808It's complicated
BBa_K1679014 RNA thermometer (FourU) +mRFP  764It's complicated
BBa_K1679015 RNA thermometer (PrfA) +mRFP  821It's complicated
BBa_K1641004 Fusion protein of Cre::EGFP::ssra-tag, with RBS at beginning  1745It's complicated
BBa_K1641005 Fusion protein of Flp-EGFP-ssra, with RBS at beginning  2073It's complicated
BBa_K1641006 Fusion protein of Vcre::EGFP::ssra-tag, with RBS at beginning  1944It's complicated
BBa_K1641007 Fusion protein of Scre::EGFP::ssra-tag, with RBS at beginning  1896It's complicated
BBa_K1641008 Fusion protein of Dre::EGFP::ssra-tag, with RBS at beginning  1830It's complicated
BBa_K1641042 Fusion protein of Cre-EGFP, with RBS at the beginning  1707It's complicated
BBa_K1641014 Up-side-down RBS::mcherry-ssra with loxP recognition sites.  845It's complicated
BBa_K1641015 Up-side-down RBS::mcherry-ssra with FRT recognition sites  845It's complicated
BBa_K1641016 Up-side-down RBS::mcherry-ssra with Rox, recognition site of Dre   841It's complicated
BBa_K1641018 Up-side-down RBS::mcherry-ssra with SloxM1, Scre recognition sites  845It's complicated
BBa_K1641017 Up-side-down RBS::mcherry-ssra with Vox, Vika recognition sites   No part sequence
BBa_K1641019  Up-side-down RBS::mcherry-ssra with VloxP, Vcre recognition sites  845It's complicated
BBa_K1641021 Up-side-down RBS::mcherry-ssra(fast) with LoxP, recognition site of Cre   No part sequence
BBa_K1641022 Up-side-down RBS::mcherry with LoxP, recognition site of Cre  812It's complicated
BBa_K1631000 Translational unit of Barnase   348It's complicated
BBa_K1641009 Fusion protein of Vika-EGFP-ssra, with RBS at beginning  1887It's complicated
BBa_K1587000Heme oxygenase 1ho1 with RBS  744It's complicated
BBa_K1639007 DAMP-Pexiganan  694It's complicated
BBa_K1641212 B0034-Cre-ssrA  1005It's complicated
BBa_K1688002 RhlA Gene  965It's complicated
BBa_K1688003 RhlB Gene  1327It's complicated
BBa_K1688006 ModLac laccase with His-tag and HlyA export tag (inc RBS)  1800It's complicated
BBa_K1602015  B0034-yqhD  1182It's complicated
BBa_K1679020 RBS+ftnA  501It's complicated
BBa_K1602039 eYFP with C-terminal PDZ ligand and RBS BBa_B0034  771It's complicated
BBa_K1706009 HxlR-T7   3615It's complicated
BBa_K1706010 T7-PADH-NAD  2339It's complicated
BBa_K2077002 mls-yeGFP  837It's complicated
BBa_T9010 aacC2 with RBS  879It's complicated
BBa_K2003002 pBad+RBS+CPF1+Terminator  5286It's complicated
BBa_S05326 B0032-phlF  622It's complicated
BBa_K1949031 rbs-yafO  420It's complicated
BBa_K1949051 rbs-amiE  1494It's complicated
BBa_K2078000 cmpA  1375It's complicated
BBa_K2123201 Strong RBS + MerB (Organomercurial Lyase) + Strong RBS + MerA (Mercuric Reductase) + B0015  661It's complicated
BBa_K2170201 Single chain avidin with ribosomal binding site (RBS_scAvidin) in RFC[25] N-part  1716It's complicated
BBa_K2013001 123   No part sequence
BBa_K2013003 RBS and MHETase  1842It's complicated
BBa_K2013004 RBS and terephthalic acid(TPA) transporter  487It's complicated
BBa_K2013005 RBS and terephthalic acid(TPA) transporter  1528It's complicated
BBa_K2013006 transcriptional regulator  304It's complicated
BBa_K2013007 TPA binding receptor  991It's complicated
BBa_K2013008 TPA 1,2-dioxygenase  1267It's complicated
BBa_K2013009 TPA 1,2-dioxygenase  487It's complicated
BBa_K2013010 DCDDH  1003It's complicated
BBa_K2013011 TPA 1,2-dioxygenase  1039It's complicated
BBa_K2013012 PCA 3.4-dioxygenase  667It's complicated
BBa_K2013013  PCA 3.4-dioxygenase  790It's complicated
BBa_K2013015 protocatechuate decarboxylase   1462It's complicated
BBa_K2013016 catechol 2,3dioxygenase  1171It's complicated
BBa_K2013017 2-oxopent-4-enoate hydratase  852It's complicated
BBa_K2013018 2-oxopent-4-enoate hydratase   831It's complicated
BBa_K2013019  4-hydroxy-2-ketovalerate aldolase  1035It's complicated
BBa_K2013020 Sc Alcohol dehydrogenase 2  1068It's complicated
BBa_K1976021 OMT tRNA synthetase with RBS  939It's complicated
BBa_K1976028 Colicin E2 immunity protein (+amber codon) with RBS  279It's complicated
BBa_K1976029 Colicin E2 immunity protein with RBS  279It's complicated
BBa_K1968015 Phleomycin resistance cassette Phytobrick  1399It's complicated
BBa_K2149000 crtE (geranylgeranyl diphosphate synthase)  983It's complicated
BBa_K2149001 HPPD from Pseudomonas putida  1146It's complicated
BBa_K2149002 HPT (Homogentisate phytyltransferase)  1001It's complicated
BBa_K2149016 luxE (Acyl-protein synthetase)  1181It's complicated
BBa_K1893019 T7 phage gene product 2 (Gp2)  213It's complicated
BBa_K1932001 orf1 and orf2 from Bifidobacterium  1742It's complicated
BBa_K2029011 nprb_XynA  1160It's complicated
BBa_K2029012 nprb_CelA  1862It's complicated
BBa_K2029013 nprb_EstC2  2266It's complicated
BBa_K2182002 Expression for Proteorhodopsin and BLH  1837It's complicated
BBa_K2182003 Translational Unit for His-tagged NOX  3166It's complicated
BBa_K1953000 TrkG  1470It's complicated
BBa_K2179003 Chlorite Dismutase CDS+RBS from I. dechloratans with His-tag  817It's complicated
BBa_K2213003 cgPPK2_His6  1080It's complicated
BBa_K2213004 PduD(1-20)_cgPPK2_mCherry_His6  1863It's complicated
BBa_K2213005  PduD(1-20)_mCherry_cgPPK2_His6  1863It's complicated
BBa_K2309004 AcmA- an autolysin in Lactococcus lactis  1456It's complicated
BBa_K2213006 LowPromoter_PduD(1-20)_mCherry  856It's complicated
BBa_K2213007 MediumPromoter_PduD(1-20)_mCherry  855It's complicated
BBa_K2213008 HighPromoter_PduD(1-20)_mCherry  856It's complicated
BBa_K2278022 Lecrocin I antimicrobial peptide with Alpha-Factor Secretion Signal  294It's complicated
BBa_K2278021 D-NY15 Antimicrobial peptide with Alpha-Factor Secretion Signal  318It's complicated
BBa_K2278023 cOT2 antimicrobial peptide with Alpha-Factor Secretion Signal  360It's complicated
BBa_K2213009 LowPromoter_PduD(1-20)_mCherry_cgPPK2  1906It's complicated
BBa_K2213012 LacUV5_EutS_Tet_EutMN  4328It's complicated
BBa_K2213013 araB_eutLK_LowPromoter_PduD(1-20)_mCherry_cgPPK2  4599It's complicated
BBa_K2380001Chitin synthase NodC from Rhizobium leguminosarumChitin synthase NodC with RBS and Anderson-Promoter  638It's complicated
BBa_K2380002Chitin synthase NodC from Rhizobium leguminosarum Chitin synthase NodC with RBS and AraC promoter system.  1813It's complicated
BBa_K2505000 rbs-ahk4  3197It's complicated
BBa_K2505003 IVS-IRES-log1  1571It's complicated
BBa_K2310100 LuxAB, emitting luciferase (from X. luminescens)  2107It's complicated
BBa_K2387045 mVenus controlled by inducible araC/pBAD promoter  1955It's complicated
BBa_K2387046 Split mVenus controlled by inducible araC/pBAD promoter  2205It's complicated
BBa_K2387047 sfGFP controlled by inducible araC/pBAD promoter  1958It's complicated
BBa_K2387048 Split sfGFP controlled by inducible araC/pBAD promoter  2205It's complicated
BBa_K2387052 mCerulean controlled by inducible araC/pBAD promoter  1961It's complicated
BBa_K2387053 Split mCerulean controlled by inducible araC/pBAD promoter  2211It's complicated
BBa_K2387054 mRFP controlled by inducible araC/pBAD promoter  1944It's complicated
BBa_K2387055 Split mRFP controlled by inducible araC/pBAD promoter  2169It's complicated
BBa_K2310006 T7 RNA polymerase with weak RBS  2674It's complicated
BBa_K2380006 Anderson Promoter-Chitinase A1  2048It's complicated
BBa_K2380007 Arabinose inducible Chitinase A1  3223It's complicated
BBa_K2230002 RBS-EmR/pSB1A2  753It's complicated
BBa_K2230003 RBS-EmR-TT/pSB1C3  890It's complicated
BBa_K2212002 RafS w/ pconII+RiboswitchF+DYKDDDDK+rrnBT1  2461It's complicated
BBa_K2212003 GolS w/ pconII+RiboswitchF+DYKDDDDK+rrnBT1  1231It's complicated
BBa_K2212004 GLA w/ pconII+RiboswitchF+DYKDDDDK+rrnBT1  1510It's complicated
BBa_K2212005 LAI w/ pconII+RiboswitchF+DYKDDDDK+rrnBT1  1699It's complicated
BBa_K2387063 eYFP[1-154]-nZIP + araC/pBAD promoter  1801It's complicated
BBa_K2387065 eYFP[1-154]-nZIP and eYFP[155-238]-cZIP + araC/pBAD promoter  2182It's complicated
BBa_K2387074 CpxR-TEV + araC/pBAD promoter  2686It's complicated
BBa_K2230019 RBS-crr/pSB1C3  528It's complicated
BBa_K2230021 RBS-ptsG/pSB1C3  1452It's complicated
BBa_K2230023 RBS-STM1128/pSB1C3  1515It's complicated
BBa_K2230024 RBS-ptsG-TT/pSB1C3  1589It's complicated
BBa_K2230025 RBS-STM1128-TT/pSB1C3  1652It's complicated
BBa_K2230026 RBS-crr-RBS-ptsG-TT/pSB1C3  2125It's complicated
BBa_K2243004 F8_Bxb1 gp35  1523It's complicated
BBa_K2243005 C12_Bxb1 gp35  1523It's complicated
BBa_K2194004 Sulfate Transport System w/ Negative Feedback for Membrane Stress   5115It's complicated
BBa_K2380042 Chitin deacetylase NodB with constitutive Anderson promoter  718It's complicated
BBa_K2380043 Chitin deacetylase COD with T7 Promoter   1351It's complicated
BBa_K2194005  chrR6 Chromate Reductase Enzyme with Chromate-sensitive Promoter  797It's complicated
BBa_K2688003 cpg2_tu  1383It's complicated
BBa_K2835000 Enigneered mutant of mRFP1 + RBS (compatible with all iGEM RFC assembly standards)  724It's complicated
BBa_K2615003 Csy4-WT, the No.1 member of Csy4 family.  588It's complicated
BBa_K2848000 NodC+NodB  2498It's complicated
BBa_K2615004 Csy4-Q104A, the No.2 member of Csy4 family.  588It's complicated
BBa_K2538010 Ribozyme flanked gRNA for SadCas9 VP64 targeting synthetic activation promoter pMLPm  211It's complicated
BBa_K2615005 Csy4-Y176F, the No.3 member of Csy4 family.  588It's complicated
BBa_K2615006 Csy4-F155A, the No.4 member of Csy4 family.  588It's complicated
BBa_K2615007 Csy4-H29A, the No.5 member of Csy4 family.  588It's complicated
BBa_K2617010 FRE_adhE: The fermentation regulatory element of Escherichia coli controls the expression   460It's complicated
BBa_K2617011 FRE_ackA: The fermentation control element of Escherichia coli controls the expression   300It's complicated
BBa_K2705005 PgltAB-GFP  868It's complicated
BBa_K2705006 PgltAB-LacI-Pgrac-TetA  2790It's complicated
BBa_K2848001 NodC+COD-HisTag  3190It's complicated
BBa_K2848004 Pre-NisA under control of Arabinose promotor  1448It's complicated
BBa_K2626002 RBS + todE  896It's complicated
BBa_K2649012 hEF1a: eComE  1899It's complicated
BBa_K3837004 YF1/FixJ bicistronic operon  1754 
BBa_K3866006 ParaBAD-ackA-Terminator  2607 
BBa_K3866007 ParaBAD-pta-Terminator  3546 
BBa_K3866010 ParaBAD-tyrosinase:AIDA-terminator  3104 
BBa_K3866016 Plac-MazE-double terminator  456 
BBa_K3866017 PArtial T5 - CuO - MazF - double terminator  591 
BBa_K3866018 J23115-RBS-CymR-double terminator  818 
BBa_K3866026 ParaBAD:sbm:Terminator  3546 
BBa_K3866027 ParaBAD:ygfG:Terminator  2187 
BBa_K3866028 ParaBAD:ygfH:Terminator  2880 
BBa_K3838234 YH-BSH  1273 
BBa_K3745030 Plac+rhlABC linear fragment  4728 
BBa_K3745031 rhlA with GBD-tag  984 
BBa_K3745032 rhlB with SH3-tag  1311 
BBa_K3745033 rhlC with PDZ-tag  996 
BBa_K3745034 Protein scaffold for rhlA,B,C complex  1955 
BBa_K4032006 RBS+amylase-RFP  2764 
BBa_K3817006 PUTRs-rplt  386 
BBa_K3732001 kanMX  1356 
BBa_K3837013 Vio operon induced by IPTG  5562 
BBa_K3898037 56  3 
BBa_K4028006 tet pro-ike2  533 
BBa_K4002003 pYES2-gRNA-hyg-MCS  388 
BBa_K4002004 pHCas9-Nours  4837 
BBa_K3993009 AsADC-SPEB-SPE1  4143 
BBa_K3993010 PTDH3-SPE1-TCYC1  2316 
BBa_K3993011 PTDH3-speB-TCYC1  1836 
BBa_K3993012 PTDH3-AsADC-TCYC1  2736 
BBa_K3993013 PPGK1-AsADC-TADH1 - PTEF1-SPE1-TTEF1 - PTDH3-speB-TCYC1  6866 
BBa_K3995003 P7_AtzR  1142 
BBa_K3983002 pro-efeB  1365 
BBa_K3994008 PyeaR_HrpR  1223 
BBa_K3994014 PphsA342_HrpS_PJ23105_ttrR  1932 
BBa_K3994013 PhrpL_amilGFP_IL10_PJ23104_ttrS   4084 
BBa_K3994011 PyeaR_HrpR+PttB344_HrpS_PJ23105_ttrR+PhrpL_amilGFP_IL10_PJ23104_ttrS  7494 
BBa_K3991006 pro-ArsD-amilGFP  1168 
BBa_K3991007 pro-ArsR-amilGFP  1146 
BBa_K3995004 Pprovoin5_amilGFP  976 
BBa_K3991008 pro-ArsA-amilGFP  2532 
BBa_K3995006 P7_AtzR+Pprovoin5_amilGFP  1769 
BBa_K3996010 pXlnB  1593 
BBa_K3996011 pXlnD  3249 
BBa_K3996012 pXynA  2631 
BBa_K3996013 pXylan-B  1593 
BBa_K3996014 pXylan-BD  4842 
BBa_K3996015 pXylan  7473 
BBa_K4028007 tet pro-ike4  560 
BBa_K4028008 lac pro-tke2-tet pro-ike2  4746 
BBa_K4028009 lac pro-tke4-tet pro-ike4  5208 
BBa_K4000008 TEF1p+GA+CYC1t  2001 
BBa_K4000009 HXT7p+GA+CYC1t  2154 
BBa_K3994009 PttB344_HrpS_PJ23105_ttrR  2040 
BBa_K4000007 ICL1p+GA+CYC1t  2218 
BBa_K4099007 sgRNA+HR+pNCas9 backbone  6242 
BBa_K3995005 Ptat_AtzR  1278 
BBa_K3995007 Ptat_AtzR+Pprovoin5_amilGFP  2254 
BBa_K3997004 pET28a-IsPETase-His  1124 
BBa_K3997005 pET28a-MHETase-His  1979 
BBa_K4000005 TEF1p+GA+CYC1t  2251 
BBa_K3997007 pGEX-MHETase-GST  2509 
BBa_K4000006 HXT7p+GA+CYC1t  2404 
BBa_K3997006 pGEX-IsPETase-GST  1654 
BBa_K3997008 pET28a-IsPETase-MHETase  2876 
BBa_K4002007 Cas9+gRNA+HR-L-endo-pgaA-HR-R  7360 
BBa_K4003005 pro-PPM1A-His-ter  1394 
BBa_K4004002 pMD19-T vp1  3583 
BBa_K4030007 J23101-OmpA-arab-TT  1731 
BBa_K4030009 Myc-HisA-OmpA-ClyR-6His-TT  1007 
BBa_K4030008 Myc-HisA-OmpA-amilGFP-TT   1068 
BBa_K3886015 RBS-Kid Toxin  376 
BBa_K3866038 J23115:sfGFP:Terminator  910 
BBa_K3846350 MevT pathway   4694 
BBa_K3846351  MBIS pathway  4828 
BBa_K3846352 Amorpha-4,11-diene synthase expression cassette (T7 promoter)  1814 
BBa_K3846305 CYP1A1-CPR fusion protein (10 aa flexible linker) expression (T7 promoter)  3858 
BBa_K3846306 CYP1A1-CPR fusion protein (20 aa flexible linker) expression (T7 promoter)  3888 
BBa_K3846307 CYP1A1-CPR fusion protein (10 aa rigid linker) expression (T7 promoter)  3858 
BBa_K3846308 CYP1A1-CPR fusion protein (20 aa rigid linker) expression (T7 promoter)  3888 
BBa_K3846309 CYP1A1-CPR fusion protein (Bacillus megaterium CYP102A1 linker) expression (T7 promoter)  3632 
BBa_K3846310 CYP1A1-CPR fusion protein (Beauveria bassiana CYP505 linker) expression (T7 promtoer)  3656 
BBa_K3846311 CYP1A1-CPR fusion protein (Fusarium oxysporum CYP505 linker) expression (T7 promoter)  3662 
BBa_K3846312 CYP1A1-CPR fusion protein (Aspergillus terreus NIH262, CYP505E3 linker) expression (T7 promoter)  3689 
BBa_K3846313 CYP1A1-CPR fusion protein (Bacillus licheniformis ATCC 14580, CYP102A7 linker) expression (T7 promot  3668 
BBa_K3846314 CYP1A1-CPR fusion protein (CYP505D6, Phanerochaete chrysosporium linker) expression (T7 promoter)  3677 
BBa_K3846315 CYP1A1-Ferredoxin fusion protein expression (T7 promoter)  2115 
BBa_K3846316 CYP1A1-ATR2 fusion protein expression (T7 promoter)  3738 
BBa_K3846317 CYP1A1-BM3R fusion protein expression (T7 promoter)  3618 
BBa_K3846318 CYP71AV1-CPR fusion protein expression (T7 promoter)  3681 
BBa_K3846319 CYP71AV1-BM3R fusion protein expression (T7 promoter)  3441 
BBa_K3846320 CYP71AV1-ATR2 fusion protein expression (T7 promoter)  3561 
BBa_K3846321 CYP71AV1-Fd fusion protein expression (T7 promoter)  1938 
BBa_K3846355 Costunolide operon  4715 
BBa_K3846356 Parthenolide operon  6082 
BBa_K3846359 Humulen synthase expression casette (T7 promoter)  1820 
BBa_K3846361 ATR2 expression casette (T7 promoter)  2109 
BBa_K3782011 translation-enhancing element (TEE)  15 
BBa_K3765016 T7 RBS + SpyCatcher002+dCBD  894 
BBa_K3765017 T7 RBS + OpdA+SpyTag002+sfGFP with OpdA signal peptide  2094 
BBa_K3765018 T7 RBS + OpdA+SpyTag002 with OpdA signal peptide  1359 
BBa_K3765019 T7 RBS + OpdA+SpyTag002 without OpdA signal peptide  1278 
BBa_K3998006 pro-FLR-His-ter  997 
BBa_K3846362 RAT CPR expression cassette (T7 promoter)  2229 
BBa_K3846363 BM3R expression cassette (T7 promoter)  1989 
BBa_K3846364 Ferredoxin expression cassette (T7 promoter)  488 
BBa_K3846365 CYP1A1 expression cassette (T7 promoter)  1792 
BBa_K3846366 OleT expression cassette (T7 promoter)  1483 
BBa_K3846367 CYP71AV1 expression cassette (T7 promoter)  1615 
BBa_K4005004 pro-rANG-His-ter  520 
BBa_K3893017 GFP Translational unit  797 
BBa_K3893018 Reverse translational unit for GFP  797 
BBa_K3998005 pro-FLR-His-ter  1018 
BBa_K4248006 T7 pro-6His - Hydramacin-1- T7 ter  531 
BBa_K4248009 T7 pro-6His -Spheniscin-2- T7 ter  366 
BBa_K4248008 T7 pro-6His -Sparamosin26-54-T7 ter  333 
BBa_K4248007 T7 pro-6His - LL-37- T7 ter  363 
BBa_K4248010 T7 pro-6His - LL-37- Linker-Sparamosin26-54-T7 ter  496 
BBa_K4516008 CMV promoter-T7pro-hFoxO1  2197 
BBa_K4516009 3IRE-SV40 promoter-luciferase  1913 
BBa_K4161508 488aa recombinant protein, Aga2 + ipaD  1996 
BBa_K4516017 SV40 pro-chimeric intron-R.luciferase-SV40 poly(A) signal  2061 
BBa_K4291017 J23119 pro-CueR- rrnB T1 ter- T7Te ter- CopA pro- SLC7A5- rrnB T1 ter- T7Te ter  2167 
BBa_K4161004 Nanobody surface display system based on intimin  2788 
BBa_K4515012 Pcrt-crt-terohbd-Pthl-thl-opt  4570 
BBa_K4276003 T7 pro-vp7-vp1-T7 Ter  1911 
BBa_K4276005 GLBP-vp7-vp1-IL12-amilGFP  5459 
BBa_K4276006 T7 pro-GLBP-vp7-vp1-IL12-amilGFP-T7 Ter  5555 
BBa_K4278114 BAT2-L-TEF1-ATF1-CYC1-TEFP-NrsR-TEFt-BAT2-R  4665 
BBa_K4278115 TEF1-ATF1-CYC1  2256 
BBa_K4213031 pNOS-Venus-tHSP.tNOS  1510 
BBa_K4213032 pNOS-Venus-TetR-tHSP.tNOS  2157 
BBa_K4213033 pNOS-Venus-TetR-Krab-tNOS  2286 
BBa_K4213034 pNOS-Venus-TetR-Krab-tHSP.tNOS  2536 
BBa_K4213035 TetO7:pTriple:AtPHT1;5(opt):Venus:tNOS(stuffer)  4522 
BBa_K4213036 TetO7:pTriple:AtPHT1;5(non-opt):Venus:tNOS(stuffer)  4522 
BBa_K4213037 TetO7-p35S-AtPHT1;5 non opt-Venus-tHSP.tNOS  4371 
BBa_K4213038 TetO7-p35S-OsPHT1;6 dom+opt-Venus-tHSP.tNOS  4347 
BBa_K4213039 TetO7-p35S-OsPHT1;6 partial opt-Venus-tHSP.tNOS  4349 
BBa_K4213040 TetO7-pTriple-OsPHT1;6(dom&opt):Venus:tNOS(stuffer)  4498 
BBa_K4213041 TetO7:pTriple:Venus:tNOS(stuffer)  2885 
BBa_K4213042 TetO7-p35S-AtPHT1;5 opt-Venus-tHSP.tNOS  4371 
BBa_K4213043 TetO7:pTriple:OsPHT1;6(partial-opt):Venus:tNOS(stuffer)  4501 
BBa_K4213044 pNOS:TetR:tNOS  1197 
BBa_K4213045 pNOS:TetR:KRAB:tNOS  1194 
BBa_K4213046 pNOS-TetR-tHSP.tNOS  1447 
BBa_K4213047 pNOS-TetR-KRAB-tHSP.tNOS  1444 
BBa_K4278118 SNR52p-gRNAs-SUP4t  426 
BBa_K4278120 CYC1-YEFP-Nr  1655 
BBa_K4158005 RBS-AtzA  1473 
BBa_K4158006 RBS-AtzB  1493 
BBa_K4158007 RBS-AtzC  1329 
BBa_K4158008 RBS-AtzR  1013 
BBa_K4158009 RBS-edcR  755 
BBa_K4280004 J23101-DexA70-rrnBT1-T7TE  2148 
BBa_K4288005 cadA promoter-signal peptide of RpmG-ferulyol esterase  1128 
BBa_K4288006 pVeg-GsiB RBS-signal peptide of RpmG-ferulyol esterase  1085 
BBa_K4223003 Transcription system of target RNA for LbCas13a  515 
BBa_K4278717 l-tef1-atf1-cyc1-tefp-nrsr-teft-r  4450 
BBa_K4278718 TEF1 pro-Cas9-CYC1 ter  4823 
BBa_K4278719 TEF1 pro-ATF1-CYC1 ter  2237 
BBa_K4278720 SNR52 pro -gRNA-SUP4 ter  380 
BBa_K4158011 RBS-GFP  761 
BBa_K4288010 ArsA-GFP  2553 
BBa_K4378000 TphB: An effective overexpression casette   1080 
BBa_K4256205 2-phenylethanol synthesis pathway  2970 
BBa_K4130001 IgG F(c) Binding Protein, EibD  1536 
BBa_K4130002 IgG F(c) Binding Protein, EibA  1182 
BBa_K4130004 Choline Oxidase (CodA)  1638 
BBa_K4130006 Glucose Oxidase (A. niger) with 5 Stabilizing Mutations  1836 
BBa_K4130008 Glucose Oxidase (A. niger) with 2 Stabilizing Mutations  1836 
BBa_K4130012 Dextransucrase (L. mesenteroides), DexYG  4605 
BBa_K4289011 T5 pro-lac ope-RBS-6*his-GK-lam ter  1609 
BBa_K4289014 tac pro-HRV 3C site-GK  2168 
BBa_K4344019 HSV TK PolyA  48 
BBa_K4241019 RFP_Mxe_GyrA_Intein_PT_ELK16  1637 
BBa_K4241021 CeB_Mxe_GyrA_Intein_PT_ELK16  1035 
BBa_K4241023 6xHis_SUMO_RFP  1336 
BBa_K4241024 6xHis_SUMO_CeB  734 
BBa_K4241026 6xHis_Ulp1  991 
BBa_K4239008 fiatlux genes with their promoter to emit luminescence  5867 
BBa_K4179016 flavin-dependent monooxygenase - XimD  1422 
BBa_K4179018 SnoaL-like cyclase - XimE  375 
BBa_K4187017 T7-RBS-LDH-T1-T7TE  1191 
BBa_K4187018 T7-RBS-PCT-T1-T7TE  1764 
BBa_K4187019 T7-RBS-PHAC1-T1-T7TE  1869 
BBa_K4187020 T7-RBS-EL222-T1-T7TE  867 
BBa_K4187021 Pblind-RBS-PLAase-T1-T7TE  1107 
BBa_K4187022 T7-RBS-AMYH-T1-T7TE  1563 
BBa_K4429015 Full Length aMBP IgG-IgY Chimera  2357 
BBa_K4239006 Enhanced luciferase substrate forming subunits fiatluxCD and the promoter J23117  2434 
BBa_K4275030 pRha-riboj  194 
BBa_K4233077 AntiFluNano_A5-A5  1293 
BBa_K4233002 AmpR  988 
BBa_K4233003 AntiGFPNano  804 
BBa_K4233004 AntiFluNano_B6  852 
BBa_K4233005 AntiFluNano_A5  843 
BBa_K4233006 AntiFluNano_B6-A5  1302 
BBa_K4233007 AntiFluNano_B6-B6  1311 
BBa_K4233028 CmR  809 
BBa_K4187026 pBAD-RBS-mtrc-T1Te-T7Te  2312 
BBa_K4187028 pBAD-RBS-mtrC-T7Te-T1Te  3398 
BBa_K4249003 The expression cassette carrying an TEF1 promoter, CpEgt2 coding sequence and an CYC1 terminator  2273 
BBa_K4310010 constitutively expressed eGFP  1853 
BBa_K4310011 constitutively expressed mCherry  1843 
BBa_K4310012 enhanced expression of eGFP by heat shock.  3730 
BBa_K4310013 enhanced expression of eGFP by cold stress  4453 
BBa_K4310014 quorum-sensing induced expression of eGFP in plant (1)  3915 
BBa_K4310015 quorum-sensing induced expression of eGFP in plant (2)  3711 
BBa_K4310016 Heat shock inducible promoter + phiC31 recombinase  8164 
BBa_K4310017 Cold inducible promoter + phiC31 recombinase  8887 
BBa_K4310018 Heat shock inducible promoter + Cre recombinase  7360 
BBa_K4310019 Cold inducible promoter + Cre recombinase  8083 
BBa_K4382011 Xylanase Gene Construct  5559 
BBa_K3844007 Human Estrogen Receptor expressed under T7 Promoter  58 
BBa_K4215001 RiboJ+RBS  196 
BBa_K4317117 KsCel7A-T2A-sfGFP  2372 
BBa_K4382012 Cellulase Gene Construct  2597 
BBa_K4382013 Ligninase Gene Construct  2387 
BBa_K4382014 Pectinase gene construct  3895 
BBa_K4239011 fiatlux operon and the axe-txe toxin/antitoxin system  6301 
BBa_K4317101 Pgrac100-mScarlet  876 
BBa_K4317901 Pbla-LacI  1317 
BBa_K4317102 Piptg-mScarlet  2299 
BBa_K4317103 P2069M-mScarlet.  1055 
BBa_K4317104 PylbP-mScarlet  935 
BBa_K4317105 PtrnQ-mScarlet  882 
BBa_K4317106 P43-mScarlet  1041 
BBa_K4317107 Pmglv-mScarlet  962 
BBa_K4317108 Plac-SP_epr-KsCel7A  1949 
BBa_K4317109 Plac-SP_ywsB-KsCel7A  1958 
BBa_K4317110 Plac-SP_ywsB-TfCel6B  2045 
BBa_K4317111 Plac-SP_lipA-TfCel6B  2051 
BBa_K4317112 Plac-SP_bglC-LFCA_EG  1898 
BBa_K4317113 Plac-SP_pel-LFCA_EG  1874 
BBa_K4317114 Plac-SP_ywsB-CtbglA  1784 
BBa_K4317115 Plac-SP_phoB-CtbglA  1790 
BBa_K4317116 Piptg-SP_bglC-KsCel7A  3244 
BBa_K4317125 Piptg-SP_ywsB-KsCel7A  3247 
BBa_K4317118 Piptg-SP_yncM-TfCel6B  3370 
BBa_K4317119 Piptg-SP_bglC-TfCel6B  3331 
BBa_K4317120 Piptg-SP_aprE-LFCA_EG  3187 
BBa_K4317121 Piptg-SP_pel-LFCA_EG  3163 
BBa_K4317122 Piptg-SP_ywsB-CtbglA  3073 
BBa_K4317123 Piptg-SP_phoB-CtbglA  3079 
BBa_J433011 Kozak + TagBFP v2  702 
BBa_J433012 Kozak + EYFP CDS v2  729 
BBa_J433013 Kozak + iRFP720 CDS v3  957 
BBa_J433016 Kozak + Gaussia Luciferase  567 
BBa_J433017 Kozak + mRuby2  723 
BBa_J433029 Gal4-VP16  693 
BBa_K4847002 Transferrin-GS-linker-mCherry  2838 
BBa_K4870014 MF-alpha-1-An_phy33-G4S 3-linker-SED1  2729 
BBa_K4846030 NisB-NisC   No part sequence
BBa_K4846014 bsjA1-L-DarL-DarA-core-GS-linker-bsjA1-core  360 
BBa_K4846015 DarL-DarA-core-GS-linker-NisA-DarE  1542 
BBa_K4846016 DarE-BsjM  4347 
BBa_K4872008 RV VP7-GII.4-VP1  2510 
BBa_K4872009 RV VP7-GII.17-VP1  2510 
BBa_K4846013 NisB-NisC  4227 
BBa_K4586025 Cargo (guide RNA - switch- Cas12k- MCP/ADAR)  6139 
BBa_K4586026 Loading system (CD63-L7Ae)  1553 
BBa_K4586027 Booster genes (SDC4, STEAP3, NadB)  4840 
BBa_K4586028 CCP1 exosomes receptor   778 
BBa_K4597003 hGIF with TIR and signal peptide - E.coli  1344 
BBa_K4577002 srAOX with an intron, pPSAD strong promoter and tPSAD terminator  2931 
BBa_K4796008 Nrdj-1 Split intein C terminal  120 
BBa_K4796009 Nrdj-1 Split intein N terminal  315 
BBa_K4773000 RBS-NicA  1875 
BBa_K4773001 RBS-NicB  957 
BBa_K4773002 RBS-NicC  603 
BBa_K4773003 RBS-hps  654 
BBa_K4773004 RBS-phi  585 
BBa_K4773005 RBS-QsrR  363 
BBa_K4773006 RBS-ycnE  306 
BBa_K4773007 RBS-buk  1095 
BBa_K4773008 RBS-ptb  915 
BBa_K4773009 RBS-AprBA  2608 
BBa_K4773010 RBS-ATF1  1608 
BBa_K4773017 RBS-HAO  1731 
BBa_K4839011  UAS (VP64 binding element)  126 
BBa_K4839012 minimums CMV promoter   39 
BBa_K4839019 hPGK promoter  511 
BBa_K4586031 ZF21.16 minCMV promoter - Cre recombinase   1265 
BBa_K4879006 JcFATA expression construct  1932 
BBa_K4879007 JcFATB Expression Construct  2093 
BBa_K4879008 CvFAP Expression Construct  2610 
BBa_K4879009 Yarrowia lipolytica HygR construct  1851 
BBa_K4879010 Yarrowia lipolytica guaB construct  2121 
BBa_K4879011 ScRAD52 Expression Construct  2070 
BBa_K4632012 nirB +dapA - Nutritionally deficient Biosafety device based on diaminopimelic acid (DAP)  957 
BBa_K4912008 Key enzymes for synthesizing hydroxytyrosol  4380 
BBa_K4912009 Key enzymes for synthesizing hydroxytyrosol  4430 
BBa_K4912010 Key enzymes for synthesizing hydroxytyrosol  4428 
BBa_K4912011 Key enzymes for synthesizing hydroxytyrosol  4330 
BBa_K4912012 Key enzymes for synthesizing hydroxytyrosol  4380 
BBa_K4912013 Key enzymes for synthesizing hydroxytyrosol  4378 
BBa_K4912014 Key enzymes for synthesizing hydroxytyrosol  4378 
BBa_K4912015 Key enzymes for synthesizing hydroxytyrosol  4428 
BBa_K4912016 Key enzymes for synthesizing hydroxytyrosol  4426 
BBa_K4643015 UGTB1 Brick  1479 
BBa_K4643016 UGTA1 Brick  1412 
BBa_K4643017 CYP52M1 Brick  1637 
BBa_K4643018 Lactonase Brick  1253 
BBa_K4951070 pTwist Kan High Copy mScarlet3 - Insert (Trigger)  826 
BBa_K4951071 pTwist Amp Med Copy mStayGold - Insert (Switch)  791 
BBa_K4951072 pTwist Amp Med Copy mStayGold + LacZ - Insert (Switch)  1349 
BBa_K4855002 T7 - medium RBS - blaNDM-2&5  869 
BBa_K4855003 J23101 - T7 - medium RBS - blaNDM2&5 CDS  912 
BBa_K4855004 J23101 - T7 - medium RBS - amilGFP CDS  780 
BBa_K4895201 Insert template for cloning into parts BBa_K4895202, BBa_K4895203  452 
BBa_K4948019 P43_creRBS-mScarlet-I3  1032 
BBa_K4948020 PampR_RBS-mScarlet-I3  875 
BBa_K4948021 placIQ1-mScarlet-I3  810 
BBa_K4948022 PAmpR-mScarlet-I3  858 
BBa_K4948023 PlacIq1s-mScarlet-I3  805 
BBa_K4948024 PlacI-mScarlet-I3  825 
BBa_K4948033 PJEx-D-RBS-vsfGFP-0_lva  1217 
BBa_E0021 ECFP (RBS+ LVA-)None  740Not in stock
BBa_E0031 EYFP (RBS+ LVA-)  740Not in stock
BBa_J70314 J70029 (RBS+mcherry), B0014 (terminator)   802Not in stock
BBa_J70325 I13500(B0034+E0040 gfp)+B0014  841Not in stock
BBa_K216001 Photobacterium phosphoreum luxB gene with RBS B0034  1008Not in stock
BBa_J70368 I13502 or K093005 (B0034+E1010) rfp without PsrI sites   724Not in stock
BBa_K190020 MymT  180Not in stock
BBa_K190021 SmtA  189Not in stock
BBa_K228812 RBS(J61127)+tetR(C0040)  703Not in stock
BBa_K176161 PoPS->RBS(weak)+ccdB-LVA->PoPS  362Not in stock
BBa_K175042 GFP-LVA translational unit + I-SceI RS + TetR generator  1844Not in stock
BBa_J78002 Arg[1]  4125Not in stock
BBa_K193403 teminator is located downstream of the BBa_193402  899Not in stock
BBa_K193405 RBS is located upstream of cph8  2284Not in stock
BBa_K193201 Anti-Freeze Protein with RBS  314Not in stock
BBa_K193204 EGFP(His tag+) downstream with RBS   820Not in stock
BBa_K193205 TmTHP with EGFP for fusion of Anti-Freeze Protein and RBS  1081Not in stock
BBa_K216017 luxCDE genes of Xenorhabdus luminescens (aldehyde biosynthesis)  3590Not in stock
BBa_J15505 rbs+lacI  1102Not in stock
BBa_J70565 luxAB Fusion gene, Xenorhabdus luminescens   2126Not in stock
BBa_K415108 RBS : pIII  1295Not in stock
BBa_K415116 RBS : pIX  99Not in stock
BBa_K415137 RBS Weak : pIII  1297Not in stock
BBa_K415117 RBS Weak : pVIII-Fos  1400Not in stock
BBa_K415118 RBS Weak : pVIII-Jun  1262Not in stock
BBa_K302000 rocF RBS and coding sequence  930Not in stock
BBa_K302005 yneA RBS and coding sequence  354Not in stock
BBa_K302017 spaIFEG cluster  2773Not in stock
BBa_K322451 Photinus pyralis luciferase mutated for increased bioluminescence.  1674Not in stock
BBa_K358004 lambda lysis cassette[SRRz/Rz1]  1273Not in stock
BBa_K395161 RBS-KanR(no promoter and terminator)  835Not in stock
BBa_K341446 ParaBAD+I-SceI coding sequence  780Not in stock
BBa_K341452 Plac+recA  1251Not in stock
BBa_K341454 PlacI+repA101  1103Not in stock
BBa_K341008 recombination sequence+eGFP+mCherry+Isce I  1477Not in stock
BBa_K341009 recombination sequence+eGFP+Kan+I-SceI cutting site  1579Not in stock
BBa_K341010 recombination sequence+mCherry+Kan+I-SceI cutting site  1571Not in stock
BBa_K358014 SΔTMD1RRz  1201Not in stock
BBa_K497003 Deinococcus radiodurans bacteriophytochrome gene with Ribosome Binding Site  2280Not in stock
BBa_K497004 Agrobacterium tumefaciens bacteriophytochrome & RBS & 3  2374Not in stock
BBa_K497006 Synechocystis heme oxygenase 1 with Agrobacterium tumefaciens bacteriophytochrome & RBS  2946Not in stock
BBa_K497007 Synechocystis heme oxygenase 1 with Deinococcus radiodurans bacteriophytochrome & RBS  3003Not in stock
BBa_K415141 RBS + M13 p8-Fos fusion  444Not in stock
BBa_K415142 RBS + M13 p8-Jun fusion  441Not in stock
BBa_K415139 RBS + M13 p8-GR1 fusion  435Not in stock
BBa_K415140 RBS + M13 p8-GR2 fusion  438Not in stock
BBa_K415143 RBS + M13 p8-ACID fusion  411Not in stock
BBa_K415144 RBS + M13 p8-BASE fusion  414Not in stock
BBa_K302034 mazEF toxin-antitoxin cluster  607Not in stock
BBa_K395604 MpAAT1 coding region  1687Not in stock
BBa_K497009 Agrobacterium tumefaciens bacteriophytochrome with RBS  2223Not in stock
BBa_K316042 LytC - Glycine Linker - TEV Cleavage Site - AIP - His Tag  1140Not in stock
BBa_K316043 LytC - Flexible Linker - TEV Cleavage Site - AIP - His Tag  1179Not in stock
BBa_K316044 LytC - Helical Linker - TEV Cleavage Site - AIP - His Tag  1182Not in stock
BBa_K316045 LytC - Glycine Linker - Elastase Cleavage Site - AIP - His Tag  1098Not in stock
BBa_K316046 LytC - Flexible Linker - Elastase Cleavage Site - AIP - His Tag  1137Not in stock
BBa_K316047 LytC - Helical Linker - Elastase Cleavage Site - AIP - His Tag  1140Not in stock
BBa_K371058 B0034-ATG-MSF HeadPart  31Not in stock
BBa_M36002 gluc1phos adenylyltrans (with 5'UTR & term)  1425Not in stock
BBa_M36004 predicted glycogen synthesis protein (w/ UTR&term)  344Not in stock
BBa_M36003 glycogen synthase (w/UTR&term)  1563Not in stock
BBa_J85002 theoretical RBS with no translation of RFP  722Not in stock
BBa_K515000 IaaM - tryptophan-2-mono-oxygenase  1686Not in stock
BBa_K515001 IaaH - Indoleacetamide hydrolyase  1382Not in stock
BBa_K515002 PA2652  1724Not in stock
BBa_K515004T4 Anti-holinT4 Anti-Holin  332Not in stock
BBa_K538100 RBS + Cpn10  315Not in stock
BBa_K538102 RBS + SheDnaK  1938Not in stock
BBa_K538103 RBS + CspA  213Not in stock
BBa_K646001 Agrobacterium tumefaciens Bacteriophotochrome (Rhizobium radiobacter)  2229Not in stock
BBa_K646002 Deinococcus radiodurans bacteriophytochrome  2281Not in stock
BBa_K567022 PT7-Luc-2AGG-tRNA(Arg)  2037Not in stock
BBa_K567023 PT7-Luc-4AGG-tRNA(Arg)  2043Not in stock
BBa_K567024 PT7-Luc-6AGG-tRNA(Arg)  2049Not in stock
BBa_K567025 PT7-Luc-8AGG-tRNA(Arg)  2055Not in stock
BBa_J119024 BD18 bicistronic translational junction - Medium effiency  88Not in stock
BBa_J119025 BD2 bicistronic translational junction - Lowest efficiency  88Not in stock
BBa_J119026 BD10 bicistronic translational junction - Low efficiency  88Not in stock
BBa_J119027 BD21 bicistronic translational junction - High efficiency  88Not in stock
BBa_J119028 BD24 bicistronic translational junction - Highest efficiency  88Not in stock
BBa_K741013 RBS-lysis-T  299Not in stock
BBa_K734001 Theophylline demethylation pathway  4953Not in stock
BBa_K861043 FadA with a RBS  1185Not in stock
BBa_K836005 Lysozyme from Rhodococcus phage RER2 (codon usage optimized for R, opacus)  1347Not in stock
BBa_K836007 Nitrilase regulator from R. rhodochrous (codon usage optimized for R. opacus)  981Not in stock
BBa_K772001 EpCAM Binding Dock: C-terminus  1159Not in stock
BBa_K772002 EpCAM Binding Dock: N terminus  1138Not in stock
BBa_K772003 TEV protease Full Structure  1044Not in stock
BBa_K772006 GFP - LacZ anchor-inducer protein complex  1207Not in stock
BBa_K812057 A GoldenBricked version of sfGFP protein  768Not in stock
BBa_K993002RFPIbpB RNA Thermometer with RFP  917Not in stock
BBa_K993003RFPUrease generator with ROSE thermometer  2663Not in stock
BBa_K993000RFPRFP Generator with ROSE thermometer  902Not in stock
BBa_K976009 TDH3 Promoter + Yeast Kozak + FGFR-1/FRS2 Complex +TEF1 Terminator  5224Not in stock
BBa_K1058002 Translational unit of penicillinase repressor blaI  381Not in stock
BBa_K1139100 Adenylate isopentenyltransferase 4  978Not in stock
BBa_K1139101 Adenylate isopentenyltransferase 7  1011Not in stock
BBa_K1122678 pSpac - LacZ - pdc- adhB  3450Not in stock
BBa_K1122681 pSpac - LacZ - Fur   846Not in stock
BBa_K1202000 His-C215   1159Not in stock
BBa_K1151035 Hpn translational unit  200Not in stock
BBa_K1291571 HORSERADISH PEROXIDASE TYPE C  1059Not in stock
BBa_K1291453 LIGNIN PEROXIDASE TYPE I  1116Not in stock
BBa_J90001 BCP translational unit  810Not in stock
BBa_K1465203 Ribulose-1,5-bisphosphate carboxylase/oxygenase (RuBisCO) from Synechococcus elongatus  1791Not in stock
BBa_K1429000 Green Fluorescent Protein (GFP) "Comet" coding region, intellectual property-free  714Not in stock
BBa_K1520500 red fluorescent protein  732Not in stock
BBa_K1472612 Delta 9,12 and 15 Desaturase   3218Not in stock
BBa_K1497003 B0034-CHI - Chalcone Isomerase from Petunia with strong RBS  744Not in stock
BBa_K1500009 IPTG--GFP--DnaE  4455Not in stock
BBa_M36428 RBS, spacer, Bxb1 integrase  1515Not in stock
BBa_K1523103 The translational unit of yieF  761Not in stock
BBa_K1604000 Strong RBS + Proteorhodopsin   791Not in stock
BBa_K1695026 RBS + Bacteriophage λ S gene   342Not in stock
BBa_K1695028 RBS + Bacteriophage λ R gene  495Not in stock
BBa_K1695031 RBS + Bacteriophage λ Rz gene   480Not in stock
BBa_K1695050 testing  16Not in stock
BBa_K1670005 EsaR repressor/activator  793Not in stock
BBa_K1593211 micF-E0040  1084Not in stock
BBa_K1604019 RBS + β-carotene 15,15'-dioxygenase (blh gene)  844Not in stock
BBa_K1639019 Ribosome Reinitiation Unit  21Not in stock
BBa_K1706008 HxlR-T7   2889Not in stock
BBa_K1593888 tRNA +tRNA synthetase  999Not in stock
BBa_K2042010 RBS + Pct  1588Not in stock
BBa_K2042011 RBS +PhaC_resinovorans  1693Not in stock
BBa_K2042012 RBS + PhaC_sp. MBEL 6-19  1693Not in stock
BBa_S05329 B0034:K1725040  621Not in stock
BBa_S05330 B0030:K1725040  624Not in stock
BBa_K2084001 T3 Unit  2655Not in stock
BBa_K1893027 3-isopropylmalate dehydrogenase (leuB)  1104Not in stock
BBa_K2070011 rbs ecf sigma35  606Not in stock
BBa_K2090001 phoA->LbCHI32->Flag tag  1068Not in stock
BBa_K2090000 phoA->LbCHI31->Flag tag  1077Not in stock
BBa_M50003 StickyGreen  1456Not in stock
BBa_K2387075 TEV cleavable CpxA-eYFP[1-154]-nZIP + araC/pBAD promoter  3193Not in stock
BBa_K2387076 TEV cleavable CpxA-eYFP[155-238]-cZIP + araC/pBAD promoter  2983Not in stock
BBa_K2387077 TetR (384G>A)  660Not in stock
BBa_K2207019 TRPV1-antiEGFP-2A-EGFP-Ferritin light chain-flag-Ferritin heavy chain  4860Not in stock
BBa_K2207020 Ferritin light chain-flag-Ferritin heavy chain  1173Not in stock
BBa_K2415004 Cry4Ba-eGFP  4131Not in stock
BBa_K2257001 HoxA  3543Not in stock
BBa_K2367000 Gliadin Cuff A Translation Unit  1459Not in stock
BBa_K2387078 TEV cleavable CpxA-eYFP[1-154]-nZIP and CpxA-eYFP[155-238]-cZIP+ araC/pBAD promoter   4966Not in stock
BBa_K2367001 Gliadin Cuff B Translation Unit  1059Not in stock
BBa_K2688007 abgT_tu  1683Not in stock
BBa_K2638122 ahpC tagged with GFP and a cMyc linker   1357Not in stock
BBa_K3106004RubisCORubisCO (rbcLXS) of Synechococcus elongatus PCC 7942   2250Not in stock
BBa_K3106006 Carbonic anhydrase 1 (cynt) of Escherichia coli str. K-12 and PilA  734Not in stock
BBa_K3045002 pGBSS-Xa-GFP  4307Not in stock
BBa_K2952015 Translational unit for FDH_h overexpression  2283Not in stock
BBa_K3071018 Xcc RpfC with HA-tag and RBS   2223Not in stock
BBa_K3071019 Xcc RpfG fused with FLAG-tag and RBS  1188Not in stock
BBa_K3071020 Xcc Clp-pspF fused with Myc-tag with RBS  1659Not in stock
BBa_K3071021 E. coli RNA polymerase sigma-54 factor with RBS  1455Not in stock
BBa_K3071022 Recombinant Two-component regulatory system RpfG/RpfC construct with sequencing part  3475Not in stock
BBa_K2999000 RBS+PelA  2947Not in stock
BBa_K2999001 RBS+PslG  1379Not in stock
BBa_K3071023 Co-activator construct for activating synthetic clp-regulated pspA promoter with sequencing part  3178Not in stock
BBa_K2999005 RBS+PrtN  345Not in stock
BBa_K3050000 pT7+RBS+mag-2+GFP+double_terminator  1171Not in stock
BBa_K3288999 pCP25-RBS(Cdog) - mScarlet  702Not in stock
BBa_K3208000 DAMP4-based expression unit for antimicrobial peptide production  394Not in stock
BBa_K3271028 pGPD-eGFP-tCYC1 in pSB1K3  1492Not in stock
BBa_K3271029 pGPD-yeGFP-tCYC1 in pSB1K3  1489Not in stock
BBa_K3016030 Vibrio natriegens' native tatAB operon  669Not in stock
BBa_K2966001 E2-Crimson  694Not in stock
BBa_K2966002 Pc-E2-Crimson-T4  1250Not in stock
BBa_K3288054 light inducible expression of mScarlet  4156Not in stock
BBa_K3288056 light inducible expression of signal peptide (NSP4) fused PETase(28-290;WT)  4309Not in stock
BBa_K3288061 light inducible expression of signal peptide (NSP4) fused MHETase(18-604;WT)  5273Not in stock
BBa_K2966005 NodC codon-optimized for Pseudomonas fluorescens  606Not in stock
BBa_K3288055 light inducible expression of signal peptide (LamB) fused PETase(28-290;WT)  4318Not in stock
BBa_K3288045 pOXB20-RBS(Dawn)-signal peptide (NSP4) fused PETase(28-290;WT)  1089Not in stock
BBa_K3288046 pOXB20-RBS(Dawn)-signal peptide (NSP4) fused PETase(28-290;W159H S238F)  1083Not in stock
BBa_K3288047 pOXB20-RBS(Dawn)-signal peptide (NSP4) fused PETase(28-290;S121E/D186H/R280A)  1083Not in stock
BBa_K3288048 pOXB20-RBS(Dawn)-signal peptide (LamB) fused PETase(28-290;W159H S238F)  1098Not in stock
BBa_K3288049 pOXB20-RBS(Dawn)-signal peptide (LamB) fused PETase(28-290;S121E/D186H/R280A)  1098Not in stock
BBa_K3288050 pOXB20-RBS(Dawn)-signal peptide (NSP4) fused MHETase(18-604;WT)  2053Not in stock
BBa_K3288051  pOXB20-RBS(Dawn)-signal peptide (NSP4) fused MHETase(18-604;W397A)  2052Not in stock
BBa_K3288052 pOXB20-RBS(Dawn)-signal peptide (LamB) fused MHETase(18-604;WT)  2073Not in stock
BBa_K3288053 pOXB20-RBS(Dawn)-signal peptide (LamB) fused MHETase(18-604;W397A)  2073Not in stock
BBa_K3288057  light inducible expression of signal peptide (NSP4) fused PETase(28-290;W159H S238F)  4303Not in stock
BBa_K3288058 light inducible expression of signal peptide (NSP4) fused PETase(28-290;S121E/D186H/R280A)  4303Not in stock
BBa_K3288059  light inducible expression of signal peptide (LamB) fused PETase(28-290;W159H S238F)  4318Not in stock
BBa_K3288060 light inducible expression of signal peptide (LamB) fused PETase(28-290;S121E/D186H/R280A)  4318Not in stock
BBa_K3288062 light inducible expression of signal peptide (NSP4) fused MHETase(18-604;W397A)  5272Not in stock
BBa_K3288063 light inducible expression of signal peptide (LamB) fused MHETase(18-604;WT)  5287Not in stock
BBa_K3288999  light inducible expression of signal peptide (LamB) fused MHETase(18-604;W397A)  3454Not in stock
BBa_K3288064 light inducible expression of signal peptide (LamB) fused MHETase(18-604;W397A)  5287Not in stock
BBa_K3288033 pCP25-RBS(NO29) - mScarlet  812Not in stock
BBa_K3288034 pCP25-RBS(Dawn) - mScarlet  814Not in stock
BBa_K3288035 pCP44-RBS(Cdog) - mScarlet  865Not in stock
BBa_K3288032 pCP25-RBS(Cdog)-mScarlet  865Not in stock
BBa_K3288036 pCP44-RBS(NO29) - mScarlet  812Not in stock
BBa_K3288037 pCP44-RBS(Dawn) - mScarlet  808Not in stock
BBa_K3288038 pJ23119-RBS(Cdog) - mScarlet  849Not in stock
BBa_K3288039 pJ23119-RBS(NO29) - mScarlet  796Not in stock
BBa_K3288040 pJ23119-RBS(Dawn) - mScarlet  792Not in stock
BBa_K3288041 pOXB20-RBS(Cdog) - mScarlet  996Not in stock
BBa_K3288042 pOXB20-RBS(NO29) - mScarlet  943Not in stock
BBa_K3288043 pOXB20-RBS(Dawn) - mScarlet  936Not in stock
BBa_K3165030 RBS + Ho1  744Not in stock
BBa_K3165058 RBS + PcyA  768Not in stock
BBa_K3165032 sRBS + CcaR v2.0  748Not in stock
BBa_K3165033 RBS + ECFP  741Not in stock
BBa_K3165044 RBS + i^2mCherry (Leu)  747Not in stock
BBa_K3165045 RBS + i^2mCherry (Ile)  747Not in stock
BBa_K3288044 pOXB20-RBS(Dawn)-signal peptide (LamB) fused PETase(28-290;WT)  1104Not in stock
BBa_K3288065 light inducible expression of Ideonella sakaiensis PETase(1-290;WT)  4330Not in stock
BBa_K3288066 light inducible expression of signal peptide (LamB) fused PETase(33-290;WT)  4312Not in stock
BBa_K3521005 pT7-FnCpf1-His tag  4075Not in stock
BBa_K3585003 J23100-butyrate  8180Not in stock
BBa_K3585006 J23200-lacY  1317Not in stock
BBa_K3522001 T7 pro-His-FXR-LBD-T7 ter  841Not in stock
BBa_K3522007 CMV-FXRα-SV40  2171Not in stock
BBa_K3522010 CMV-RXRα-BGH  2319Not in stock
BBa_K3522012 SV40 pro-R luc- SV40 polyA  1973Not in stock
BBa_K3704002 CMV-GR-SV40  2126Not in stock
BBa_K3704003 SV40 pro-GRE- SV40 polyA  2034Not in stock
BBa_K3584002 T7 pro-tag-Lac ope-PPO-T7 ter  1847Not in stock
BBa_K3524004 Psal pro-EGFP-T7 ter  945Not in stock
BBa_K3523005 T7 pro-His-SOD-His-T7 ter  797Not in stock
BBa_K3523006 T7 pro-His-katA-His-T7 ter  1628Not in stock
BBa_K3526004 tac pro-atzR-T4 ter  1351Not in stock
BBa_K3525001 T7 pro-His-ER sensor-His-T7 ter  4822Not in stock
BBa_K3525003 T7 pro-His-ER sensor L-His-T7 ter  5824Not in stock
BBa_K3477000 Gene coding for his-tagged BphA1 enzyme including BBa_0034 RBS, Bba_J23106 promoter and Bba_0010 ter  1573Not in stock
BBa_K3477001 Gene coding for his-tagged BphB enzyme including BBa_0034 RBS, Bba_J23106 promoter and Bba_0010 term  1027Not in stock
BBa_K3477002 Gene coding for his-tagged BphC enzyme including BBa_0034 RBS, Bba_J23106 promoter and Bba_0010 term  1078Not in stock
BBa_K3477003 Gene coding for his-tagged BphD enzyme including BBa_0034 RBS, Bba_J23106 promoter and Bba_0010 term  1030Not in stock
BBa_K3477004 Gene coding for his-tagged BphA2 enzyme including BBa_0034 RBS, Bba_J23106 promoter and Bba_0010 ter  778Not in stock
BBa_K3477005 Gene coding for his-tagged PETase enzyme including BBa_0034 RBS, Bba_J23106 promoter and Bba_0010 te  982Not in stock
BBa_K3477006 Gene coding for his-tagged PueA enzyme including BBa_0034 RBS, Bba_J23106 promoter and Bba_0010 term  2050Not in stock
BBa_K3477007 Gene coding for his-tagged PEG-DH enzyme including BBa_0034 RBS, Bba_J23106 promoter and Bba_0010 te  1804Not in stock
BBa_K3477008 Gene coding for his-tagged MHETase enzyme including BBa_0034 RBS, Bba_J23106 promoter and Bba_0010 t  2008Not in stock
BBa_K3525005 T7 pro-His-lacZ-His-T7 ter  3239Not in stock
BBa_K3425109 DBD-CaFF translational unit (J23100)  989Not in stock
BBa_K3520013 bcsA-Bacterial Cellulose Synthase A TU  2347Not in stock
BBa_K3520015 bcsC - Bacterial Cellulose Flavobacteriia TU  4084Not in stock
BBa_K3520014 BcsB Flavobacteriia Transcriptional Unit  2635Not in stock
BBa_K3520016 BcsD Flavobacteriia Transcriptional Unit  668Not in stock
BBa_K3520017 Reflectin & Signal Peptide TU for Flavobacteriia  1327Not in stock
BBa_K3520021 cmcax Flavobacteriia Transcriptional Unit  2369Not in stock
BBa_K3520020 GFP superfolder TU for Flavobacteriia  892Not in stock
BBa_K3520022 ccpAx Flavobacteriia Transcriptional Unit  1237Not in stock
BBa_K3520018 Recombinant pHimarEm1 with Reflectin/signalpeptide/GFP TU   8903Not in stock
BBa_K3525007 Ptrc pro-ER sensor-S  4754Not in stock
BBa_K3803011 EEVS translational unit  2396Not in stock
BBa_K3803012 MT-Ox translational unit  2212Not in stock
BBa_K3803013 XR translational unit  1940Not in stock
BBa_K3803014 XDH translational unit  1648Not in stock
BBa_K3803015 XK translational unit  2968Not in stock
BBa_K4276008 GLBP-vp7-vp1-amilGFP  3858Not in stock
BBa_K4875025 α2A-AR-hRluc  2457Not in stock