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Applications of BBa_K1399001

We constructed lactose/IPTG inducible measurement pathway for this part (Part:BBa_K1399011) to characterize and compare the instability of this SsrA-LVA tagged RFP to others containing different variants of SsrA tags. We determined the steady state fluorescence/OD ratio of E. coli JM109 at uninduced (minimum steady state) and induced (maximum steady state) state. To see how the temperature of environment can affect protein degradation efficiency we repeated experiments in several temperatures (28⁰C, 32⁰C, 37⁰C and 42⁰C). Our data are summarised below. (For more information on SsrA degradation tag system, our experimental assays and results please visit our wiki page [1].)

SsrA degron tagged RFP minimum (left) and maximum (right) fluorescence per OD at four different temperatures (28⁰C, 32⁰C, 37⁰C and 42⁰C).
Summary of BioBricks to which our characterization data is applicable.

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