Mesoplasma florum

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BBa_J70005Click Beetle Luciferase Red1632
BBa_J70006Click Beetle Luciferase Green1632
BBa_J70007recT recombination gene from Spiroplasma citri858
BBa_J70024TetM gene, recoded compromise E. coli & Mesoplasma florum1920
BBa_J70025Promoter for tetM gene, from pBOT1 plasmid, pAMbeta1345
BBa_J70026cat cassette (chloramphenicol resistance)1030
BBa_J70027Mesoplasma florum plasmid origin1701
BBa_J70028tetM tetracycline resistance cassette2271
BBa_J70029RBS + mCherry gene, optimized for expression in Me. florum and E. coli699
BBa_J70300Strong Me. florum promoter82
BBa_J70301Heat shock inducible promoter for Me. florum111
BBa_J70302Test plasmid for Mesoplasma florum3980
BBa_J70303Test Cm resistance plasmid for Mesoplasma florum2739
BBa_J70304constitutive cat cassette for Mesoplasma florum997
BBa_J70310Mesoplasma florum pBG7AU plasmid origin1034
BBa_J70402pBG7AU (J70310) plus TetM (J70028)3313
BBa_J70500pWV01 broad host range plasmid origin and rep protein1747
BBa_J70501Plasmid origin from pWV01 + Tet resistance gene for plasmid construction4026
BBa_J70502Plasmid origin from pWV01 + Tet resistance gene for plasmid construction4026
BBa_J70503Mesoplasma florum origin of replication1897
BBa_J70504Mesoplasma florum origin of replication1981
BBa_J70505Mesoplasma florum origin of replication1821
BBa_J70506Mesoplasma florum origin of replication1905
BBa_J70507Mesoplasma florum origin of replication388
BBa_J70508Mesoplasma florum origin of replication312
BBa_J70509Mesoplasma florum origin of replication289
BBa_J70510Mesoplasma florum origin of replication373
BBa_J70511Tet resistance + Mesoplasma origin fragment4260
BBa_J70512Tet resistance + Mesoplasma origin fragment2667
BBa_J70513Tet resistance + Mesoplasma origin fragment2652
BBa_J70634Upstream genomic DNA fragment of Mesoplasma florum for recombination experiment459
BBa_J70635Downstream genomic DNA fragment of Mesoplasma florum for recombination experiment701
BBa_J70636pheS gene from M. florum1154
BBa_J70655RFP optimized for expression in E. coli and M. florum699
BBa_J70665MF optimized RFP reporter762
BBa_J70666MF optimized RFP reporter, MF promoter789
BBa_J70667MF optimized RFP reporter, MF heat induced promoter818
BBa_K143051Promoter 43 and RBS spoVG for B. subtilis76
BBa_M1001Right mosaic end for Tn5 transpososome22
BBa_P1012gentamycin/kanamycin resistance cassette1943
BBa_P1013gentamycin resistance cassette (aacC1 gene)841
BBa_P1014gentamicin resistance cassette aph(2)1089