Designed by: Haissi Cui, Tilman Flock, Sebastian Gude, Christoph Hartlmüller, Florian Praetorius, Jan Schüürmann, Tobi Wauer, Philipp Wortmann   Group: iGEM10_TU_Munich   (2010-10-26)

Exemplary insert for BBa_K494001 (His-Term and His-Sig)

In general we want to provide a new, scalable principle of gene regulation based on termination and antitermination which can be further developed, tested and optimizted by everybody. To enable that in the easiest way possible we decided to not just add the switches we designed but instead the material needed for evaluation. Therefore we focus on providing the parts needed for verification and testing of new individual switches.

This is a ready to use part consisting of our screening backbone BBa_K494001 and a His-terminator in front of mCherry for testing reasons. Following mCherry a short DNA sequence is encoded (the signal) which is transcriped into a short transmitter RNA which binds to a certain region of the His-terminator leading to antitermination. This signal is IPTG inducible, so in theory the terminator can be switched from "off" to "on" by an input.
This part belongs to the screening system for evaluation of individual switches constructed on the principle of bioLOGICS, in this case BBaK494004 may serve as a reference to compare results with those presented by the TU Munich 2010 iGEM Team. Together with BBa_K494003 (Terminator only) and BBa_K494002No part name specified with partinfo tag.