The {rbs1-*} family of ribosome binding sites are type 1 ribosome binding sites in the BBb (BamHI/BglII) format. Each rbs is successively weaker in the series.

     Registry  Plasmid     Part         Description Sequence
     J61140    pBca1101    Bca1106-A    {rbs1-A}    GATCTGGCTAACATAGGGTG
     J61141    pBca1101    Bca1106-B    {rbs1-B}    GATCTGGCTAACTGAGGATG
     J61142    pBca1101    Bca1106-C    {rbs1-C}    GATCTGGCTAACCCAGGGTG
     J61143    pBca1101    Bca1106-D    {rbs1-D}    GATCTGGCTAACTCAGGTGG
     J61144    pBca1101    Bca1106-E    {rbs1-E}    GATCTGGCTAACCCTGGTAG
     J61145    pBca1101    Bca1106-F    {rbs1-F}    GATCTGGCTAACTTGGGACG
     J61146    pBca1101    Bca1106-G    {rbs1-G}    GATCTGGCTAACGCAGGTCG
     J61147    pBca1101    Bca1106-H    {rbs1-H}    GATCTGGCTAACATCGGTGG