Repository/User Libraries

We are considering releasing the Registry's Library system to iGEM Teams, Labs, and Courses. This was envisioned from the beginning and much of the code is already there. This would allow users to maintain their own collections of parts and have all of the Registry tools work with those collections.

Being able to manage freezer stocks has been a frequent request from our users and we see some groups using other tools to manage their stocks.

In addition to managing BioBrick compatible parts, we could allow users to manage other types of parts and plasmids as well as other reagents. Would this make the Registry more open and more useful to everyone.

If the users can store anything, using this repository software, it will be easier for them to use BioBrick™ parts also. They won't have to have two different systems.

Finally, we have had to commit to supporting many different scar systems and assembly systems. That feature is due this month. The plan is to have the software understand all of the assembly methods.

As users of the Registry, please tell us what you would need from this system by adding your comments to this page.