Registry/Software Changes

We are now working on the 4th generation of Registry software. We are also starting a Registry Steering Committee. Stay tuned.

Here is a disorganized list of software tasks.

  • User and group management system More...
  • Support for alternate assembly methods and the resulting variation in "scars" in the sequence.
    • Support for multiple sequences for a part.
  • Machine readable formats for Registry contents. (e.g. XML, JSON, csv, rdf)
  • Machine readable formats for part submissions. (e.g. XML, or Excel Spreadsheet)
  • Provide private sandbox space for laboratories so they can keep their work hidden until it is


  • New interfaces to the DNA sequencing system.
  • New text search engine.
  • Improve part quality:
    • Part-type-specific database information (like the new protein coding region information)
    • Implementfion of the part promotion and rating system
    • Part sequencing and checking for accuracy (some software required)
  • New features
    • Tools to help preparing a part for synthesis
    • GENBANK format sequence and feature input and output
    • Automatic feature finding as in APE

If you have a new user suggestion, please add it to the page here.