Protein domains/Linker

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Linkers are short peptide sequences that occur between protein domains. Linkers are often composed of flexible residues like glycine and serine so that the adjacent protein domains are free to move relative to one another. Longer linkers are used when it is necessary to ensure that two adjacent domains do not sterically interfere with one another.

-?-NameDescriptionAA sequenceLength
   BBa_J176131PLrigid 60
A  BBa_J189202aa GS linker  6
A  BBa_J189216aa [GS]x linker  18
AWBBa_J1892210aa [GS]x linker 30
1  BBa_K10501210 aa flexible protein domain linker  30
A  BBa_K1331328 aa protein domain linker 24
A  BBa_K157009Split fluorophore linker; Freiburg standard 51
1  BBa_K15701315 aa flexible glycine-serine protein domain linker; Freiburg standard 45
A  BBa_K243004Short Linker (Gly-Gly-Ser-Gly) 12
A  BBa_K243005Middle Linker ( Gly-Gly-Ser-Gly)x2 24
A  BBa_K243006Long Linker (Gly-Gly-Ser-Gly)x3 36
A  BBa_K243029GSAT Linker 108
A  BBa_K243030SEG 108
A  BBa_K404300SEG-Linker 108
A  BBa_K404301GSAT-Linker 108
A  BBa_K404303Z-EGFR-1907_Short-Linker  192
A  BBa_K404304Z-EGFR-1907_Middle-Linker  204
A  BBa_K404305Z-EGFR-1907_Long-Linker  216
A  BBa_K404306Z-EGFR-1907_SEG-Linker  288
A BBa_K416001(Gly4Ser)3 Flexible Peptide Linker 45
   BBa_K648005Short Fusion Protein Linker: GGSG with standard 25 prefix/suffix 12
   BBa_K648006Long 10AA Fusion Protein Linker with Standard 25 Prefix/Suffix 30
   BBa_K648007Medium 6AA Fusion Protein Linker: GGSGGS with Standard 25 Prefix/Suffix 18