This page lists yeast promoters that are Multi-regulated meaning that each promoter is either positively or negatively regulated by multiple transcription factors (other than the sigma factor). For example, a promoter negatively regulated by two repressor proteins forms the basis of a nor gate, the presence of either or both repressors is sufficient to produce a low output from the promoter. These promoters are useful if, for example, you are looking to build logic gates, or if you are looking to build a system where expression of a gene must be dependent on multiple environmental factors.

NameDescriptionPromoter SequencePositive
BBa_I766200pSte2 . . . accgttaagaaccatatccaagaatcaaaa10001207Not in stock
BBa_K110016A-Cell Promoter STE2 (backwards) . . . accgttaagaaccatatccaagaatcaaaa5002256It's complicated
BBa_K165034 Zif268-HIV bs + LexA bs + mCYC promoter . . . cacaaatacacacactaaattaataactag4571431It's complicated
BBa_K165041 Zif268-HIV binding sites + TEF constitutive yeast promoter . . . atacggtcaacgaactataattaactaaac4571163It's complicated
BBa_K165043 Zif268-HIV binding sites + MET25 constitutive yeast promoter . . . tagatacaattctattacccccatccatac4411163It's complicated