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Constitutive promoters: These promoters are active independent of transcription factors, and are "on" by default.
Cell signalling: The registry has a set of promoters related to sending and receiving signals between different cells.
Metal sensitive: This set includes promoters that are sensitive to various metals. The promoters are typically regulated by a receptor protein that binds to the metal ion or complex.
Phage promoters: A collection of all phage promoters available from the registry. The promoters are often used for very high expression of a protein. These promoters work in E. coli and other chassis but typically require a particular RNA polymerase to be present.
IIT Madras Stresskit promoters: a well-characterized collection of negatively regulated E. coli promoters that have been engineered to be recognized by alternative σ factors. This collection was developed by the 2008 IIT Madras iGEM team.
USTC logic promoters: a collection of multiple input promoters all based on a similar template. These promoters were developed by the 2007 USTC iGEM team.

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Most promoters are designed for a particular RNA polymerase (RNAP) holoenzyme, e.g E. coli RNAP bound to a particular σ factor (a σ factor is a protein that confers specificity on E. coli RNAP for particular promoter sequences), or the RNAP from the T7 bacteriophage. Promoters are also categorized by the manner in which they are regulated. For example, a promoter can be unregulated (constitutive), positively regulated (activatable) or negatively regulated (repressible).

RNA Polymerase
Prokaryotic Bacteriophage Eukaryotic
Regulation E. coli B. subtilis Miscellaneous prokaryotic T7 SP6 Yeast Miscellaneous eukaryotic
Positive BCInducibleIcon.png
Constitutive(?) ConstitutiveIcon.png
Negative(?) BCRepressibleIcon.png
Multiple BCMultipleIcon.png
53 1 6 - - 14 5
63 5 2 12 1 10 11
89 1 - 6 - 3 7
111 - 1 - - 5 4

We also have a collection of miscellaneous promoters available that are provided "as is". If you can contribute more information about these promoters, for example, by providing the information that will allow us to add them into one of the categories in the table above, please do so.