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Just like the parts collection, plasmid backbones available via the Registry are constantly improving. Hence, many older plasmid backbones have been replaced by newer versions that may include such improvements as better transcriptional and translational insulation between the vector and the part/device/system within the BioBrick cloning site, elimination of extraneous sequence, or more. For completeness, we've included "archived" plasmid backbones here.

While you're allowed to use the plasmid backbones listed here. we recommend that you instead use the newer versions of each plasmid backbone that are indicated in the descriptions listed below.


pSB1A2pSB1A2 (Replaced by pSB1A3)ApMB1100-300 2079
pSB2K0pSB2K0 (pSCANS-BNL; Replaced by pSB2K3)K <10 or >100 4434
pSB4A1pSB4A1 (Replaced by pSB4A5)ApSC101~5 3054
pSB4A3pSB4A3 (Replaced by pSB4A5)ApSC10110-12 3339