Plasmid backbones/Synthesis

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Plasmid backbones/Synthesis
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Plasmids used in DNA synthesis of BioBrick parts

Most DNA synthesis companies do not currently use BioBrick plasmid backbones to clone synthesized BioBrick parts. Therefore, some parts in the Registry are available in non-standard plasmid backbones because they were constructed via direct DNA synthesis. Here is a list of plasmid backbones used by assorted DNA synthesis companies.

BBa_J70003Geneart Cloning Plasmid pGA4A   2961
BBa_J70004BioBasic Cloning Plasmid pUC57A   2710
BBa_J70022GENEART pGA4 plasmid    2978
BBa_K2812001Coding sequence for trunctated Lysostaphin     738
BBa_K2812003Coding sequence for trunctated Lysostaphin regulated by T7-promoter    776
BBa_K2812004Coding sequence for trunctated Lysostaphin fused to His-tagged HlyA    1458
BBa_K2812005Coding sequence for trunctated Lysostaphin with HlyA and His6-tag regulated by T7-promoter    1496
BBa_K2812006Coding sequence for Pyocin S5 with HlyA and His6-tag    2217
BBa_K2812007Coding sequence for Pyocin S5 with HlyA and His6-tag regulated by pBAD-ara promoter    2288
pSB1A1pUC19 with a BioBrick cloning site (Replaced by pSB1A3)ApMB1500-700 2708