Designed by: Rahul Sastry, Anjan Katta   Group: Stanford BIOE44 - S11   (2013-06-10)

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Applications of BBa_M36068

This plasmid (containing this sequence, a FNR or GAL4 hybrid FNR sequence (see parts M36066 and 067 respectively) a Yeast GPD (TDH3) Constitutive Promoter (BBa_K124002) , a consensus Kozack sequence (BBa_J63003) , and a yeast ADH1 poly-A “terminator” (BBa_K392003) all connected via PoPS signal to a dasher GFP output) was transfected into yeast (W303) cells, which were grown under anaerobic (flushed with 99.997% Nitrogen for 4 hours) and aerobic conditions in minimal media. Results suggested no significant fluorescence relative to the media.

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