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HUST-China 2015

Pgal1+rox1+CYC1_terminator is used to compose the logic reverse control. GAL1 promoter from Saccharomyces cerevisiae. 1 UAS site allows GAL4 binding domain to enhance the expression from this promoter. ROX1 in the downstream of Pgal1 are expressed to inhibit the promoter of anb1.

Application of the part

Figure 1: The whole circuit


Rate of basic transcription for Panb1:

Since promoter Anb1 has basic transcription rate, Rox1, Si-tag and Mcfp-3 would be expressed even in darkness. Hence, to figure out how it takes effect on our model, we run the simulation with different rate of Panb1 basic transcription (0.1*Vmax to 0.2*Vmax with step of 0.005*Vmax).

HUST-China modeling quick.gif


Our DDEs model is sensitive to the amount of basic transcription of Panb1. If the rate of pAnb1 basic transcription increases from 0.100*Vmax to 0.200*Vmax, the amount of Rox1 would become 125 percent. Therefore, with less basic transcription of Panb1, less Rox1 would be expressed and the repressed expression of Si-tag and Mcfp-3 would recover more quickly. We can conclude that our circuit could be improved by reducing the basic transcription of Panb1.