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Applications of BBa_K925001

Group: CityU_HK, 2014

Author: Dorcas Choi, Cherlin Lee, Ada Yeung, Paul Tse

Summary: The protein sequence of delta-15 desaturase from Synechocystis sp was obtained from NCBI and the gene sequence was codon-optimized for expression in Escherichia coli. The codon-optimized gene was synthesized commercially by Life Technologies (Carlsbad, CA, USA).

Delta-15 desaturase enzyme converts linoleic acid (18:2) to alpha-linolenic acid (ALA; 18:3) by catalyzing the formation of a cis-double bond between carbon 15 and carbon 16.

Uploads: The codon-optimized delta-15 desaturase gene sequence can be found at

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