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The leakiness of the Kan* gene is higher than expected, and thus one mutation is not sufficient for the containment. Indeed, at usual concentration, Kan* gene manages to express an antibiotic resistance, even though lower than KanR or supD (Figure 4A). Here we define the growth rate as the OD600 observed at a given time (here t=8h20'), in order to overcome the fact that Kan*+RFP does not have a clear exponential phase. The fact that the strain (3) grows faster and can have higher OD600 may be explain by the fact that supD is deleterious for the strain, by removing some stop codon of other genes for instance.

Figure 4A and 4B: The bar graph represent the OD600 at time = 8h20' (black line Figure 4C) for the different strains at a given kanamycin concentration (black line on Figure 4B). On B, we observe the variations of the OD600 at different kanamycin concentrations, at the same time.
Figure 4C: The variations of the OD600 is observed in function of the time, for different concentrations of kanamycin (400µg/mL, 100µg/mL, 25µg/mL).

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