Designed by: Isabel Huber   Group: iGEM12_Bielefeld-Germany   (2012-09-18)

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Applications of BBa_K863000

2016 Paris Bettencourt iGEM team

We had great experience with this enzyme! It works beautifully, and digests various substrates. We invite you to check out our codon optimized version of bpul for expression in E. coli (BBa_K2043007).
We have also added various fabric binding domains to this protein, and performed some cool and convincing experiments. You can check it out on our project page: Frank&Stain (look for Project Indigo and Enzymes).

Figure 1 Indigo carmine and indigo degradation by cell extract containing Bpul are shown over a period of 13h. The degradation was observed in 96-well plate at the λ=650 for indigo carmine, and λ=680 nm for indigo, at room temperature. 1 µL of cell extract was added to the reaction mixture which consisted of substrate dissolved in 0.1 mM of potassium phosphate buffer (pH 7.8), and 10 µM ACS added to the reaction mix.

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