Designed by: Pedro Luis Dorado Morales   Group: iGEM12_Valencia_Biocampus   (2012-09-07)

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iGEM TU-Eindhoven 2013

For the 2013 TU-Eindhoven iGEM project we wished to express MRI contrast providing proteins upon bacteria entering anaerobic tumours. To induce the expression of these proteins we would be making use of an FNR promoter just like the NirB promoter. To design our promoter we made use of an article (Anne M.L. Barnard, Jeffrey Green, and Stephen J.W. Busby, Transcription regulation by tandem-bound FNR at Escherichia coli promoters. Journal of bacteriology 185.20, 5993-6004 (2003)). From this article we extracted the data for our promoter, by choosing the most optimal promoter given in the articles selection. To test the efficiency of this promoter we, much like the Valencia 2012 team, expressed EGFP under anaerobic conditions in which, again like the Valencia 2012 team were successful. Based on the research by Barnard and al. and our measurements (see BBa_K1123005 and BBa_K1123000) seems to have more potential as an FNR promoter with higher activity.