Designed by: Erik Gullberg   Group: iGEM11_Uppsala-Sweden   (2011-09-20)

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Applications of BBa_K592100

Promoter characterization.png

iGEM11_Uppsala-Sweden. BFP used as reporter. This part has been successfully used as a reporter gene for promoter characterization using flow cytometry. The excitation peak at 399 nm makes it well suited for use in flow cytometers using a 407 nm violet laser such as the FACSAria II, and the emission peak at 456 works well with a DAPI filter (band pass 450/40). The Y axis measures the promoter activity in RPU, relative promoter units, where the activity of the J23101 promoter is defined as 1 RPU.

iGEM14_Carnegie_Mellon. We characterized a set of fluorescent proteins consisting of BFP. GFP, YFP, OFP, and RFP. We calculated the signal-to-noise ratio of all the proteins in two different cell lines (MACH and Top10). BFP had the lowest signal-to-noise ratio in both cell lines. BFP was measured at (ex/em = 399nm/456nm).

591px-FP_MACH.png 591px-Top10_Best.jpg

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