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Applications of BBa_K592010

EforRed is a useful reporter gene.

Here is its absorption spectrum.


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UT-Tokyo 2013 have improved this part by adding LVA tag for rapid degaradation. The improved part enables real-time measurements without special equipment.

BBa_K592010 iGEM Groningen 2012

Our team has managed to couple this biobrick part with our promoters: alsT, fnr, and sboA. The cloning was done in BBa_K818000 (plasmid backbone for B. subtilis, engineered by team Groningen 2012), to allow color expression in B. subtilis. We utilized a strong RBS BBa_B0034 for pigment expression in E. coli and B. subtilis.

The yellow colour was strongly visible in E.coli without any induction, while the expression in B. subtilis was more subtle (B. subtilis colony looks slightly yellow on the plate agar). However, under the induction of volatiles that were produced by the rotten meat, the expression of this part in B. subtilis was strongly visible by human naked eyes.

We also measured fluoresence of AmilGFP. For an elaborate characterization of our sboA-AmilGFP construct and the fluorescence data, look at BBa_K818600



BBa_K592010 iGEM Team Braunschweig 2013

iGEM Team Braunschweig 2013 used this part in an amilGFP expression cassette on a high copy plasmid and characterized the absorption spectrum of the chromoprotein. For futher information see Part: BBa_K1073024.