Designed by: YU CHUAN LEE   Group: iGEM21_NYCU-Taipei   (2021-10-01)

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Applications of BBa_K4060116

The RFP expression of Pre C1 compared with other 5 tandem promoters constructed by Strategy 3

According to the figures, when the concentration of L-arabinose is 0 M, the order of the expression rate of these tandem promoters is the same as that of the constitutive promoter individually. Besides, when the concentration of L-arabinose rises from 0 M to 0.025 M, the expression of RFP under the regulation of pJ102, pJ118, and pJ110 decreases while others rise. Interestingly, among these six tandem promoters, only the Pre C1 will be induced by L-arabinose significantly.

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