Designed by: An Nguyen   Group: iGEM21_MiamiU_OH   (2021-10-06)

The kanamycin resistance worked as expected, in which successfully transformed colonies were able to grow on a kanamycin-containing agar plate. This antibiotic resistance marker was used in the plasmid BBa_K4047039. The insertion of the part both disrupted functional gene expression of our target gene and served as a selective marker for successful integration. This part was successfully used in the 2021 MiamiU_OH team project, with a picture shown below of the resulting growth.

Growth of Synechococcus elongatus PCC 7942 on kanamycin-containing plate after transformation with plasmids containing the kanamycin resistance part BBa_K4047019

Applications of BBa_K4047019

This part can be used in plasmids as a selective marker, indicating when colonies have been successfully transformed.

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