Designed by: Kira Schipper   Group: iGEM10_TU_Delft   (2010-10-07)

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Applications of BBa_K398331

  • iGEM TU Delft 2010

In order to measure the strength (efficiency) of the pCaiF promoter we built the part K938331 which is pCaiF+ E0240. Check our results page in order to know more about our experience with this part!!!

ConditionExponential phase [GFP molecules/O.D.] Stationary phase [GFP molecules/O.D.]
Diauxic growth (glucose phase)7.4517E+062.1543E+07
Diauxic growth (Laurate phase)1.1435E+076.6428E+06

Also a simple model for this system was developed. Click here in order to know more about it!.

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