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Experiment 1:Check the role of TMD1 of S gene

Fig.1.the comparison between lacL and lacLΔ. The black lines on bars' edges are error bar.

Then, in order to check if TMD1 of S gene is essential for this killer gene, we measured the cell number of lacLΔ, which does not have TMD1 of S gene and that is, encodes SΔTMD1 and that of lysis cassette. This result is below (Fig.1). From this result, after IPTG was added, the number of lacLΔ was not decreasing, while the number of lacLΔ was decresing. It proved that SΔTMD1 cannot function as killer gene and TMD1 is essential for this killer gene, lysis cassette. In addition, in the medium without IPTG, the number of lacLΔ is larger than that of lacLΔ. This supports a report [1], which says that more short proteins are expressed than the ones that are long.

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